HOMETOWN: Ben Terra Wanka


WIN: 17


  • Inaugural Game of Honor World Heavyweight Champion


  • Main evented Final Stage 1 with Princeton and Manny

  • Competed in the first match of Game of Honor Show

DEBUT: Year 1, Ep. 1

  • 4th GOH Co-op Champions with Backburn


EXP: 35

Kunai is a Day 1 veteran of the company and the inaugural Game of Honor World Heavyweight Champion. He's an enigma who prefers to let his actions speak volumes. Even though no one can understand him, that doesn't hinder his performance in the GOH arena. Holding the highest win rate on the show, Kunai is one of the most determined players in the company. At Final Stage 3, he shocked the Game of Honor universe by teaming up with Blackburn to form The Alliance and becoming the 4th GOH Co-op Champions the same night.