shuriblur 220.png

Matthew Edwards

HOMETOWN: Honor City


WIN: 6


  • 3rd GOH Co-op Champion with Nathan


  • Host of "The Blurb"

DEBUT: Year 1


EXP: 75

  • Former Game of Honor Commentator



Matthew "Shuriblur" Edwards is a professional video game journalist and a former commentator for Game of Honor Show. After challenging 5kull5 to a "Loser Leaves Town" match at Final Stage 2, and losing, Shuriblur was forced to leave commentary and the company. Thanks to his best friend Nathan Teach he was able to find a loophole in Game of Honor Show's the open door policy. The two went on to form a co-op team called Beyond Good and Evil, and become the 3rd GOH co-op champions.