10 Best Game Announcements At The Xbox & Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase

While the Xbox Mini Fridge is a “cool announcement,” fans would rather highlight the games that stood out to them during this presentation.

For some time, many gaming enthusiasts haven't found the need to own Microsoft’s newest systems since the Xbox 360 days. Many enjoyed their time playing Halo, Gears of War, and other well-acclaimed shooter titles with friends over the internet, but since then, many haven't found joy with the company like they used to.

While the Xbox brand hasn't made a splash to many fans in the west and east, Xbox's Phil Spencer didn't give up hope. After acquiring many studios over the last decade, Xbox's library has claimed many unique titles that may rekindle some past gamers' love for the brand.

Back 4 Blood Could Fill The Hole In Left 4 Dead Fans’ Hearts

Back 4 Blood is a new title created by the folks who brought fans the Left 4 Dead franchise, Turtle Rock Studios. This game will feature much content ranging from a 4-player co-op campaign, PVP, and high replay values mechanics to enhance gamers' fondness for the title.

Like Left 4 Dead, players will be fighting off zombie-like creatures known as the Ridden in this title in hopes of surviving in this post-apocalyptic world. While new details have emerged since E3 regarding the forced online maintainability to play the game, the multiplayer footage they detailed during the Warner Bros. E3 2021 conference gives some fans hope that this game won't rot as bad as its zombies.

Starfield Is Bethesda’s First Original Space Role-Playing Game In 25 Years

While Doom and Skyrim have been massive hitters for Bethesda since their inception, many fans were excited to hear about the company tackling a new RPG regarding Starfield. While the game's plotline remains a mystery, Bethesda's Todd Howard has claimed that the game will produce a Skyrim-like atmosphere within an outer space setting.

Starfield will feature factions to which the player can freely choose how their journey plays out to give them a differing experience compared to others. Not only will the title offer fans options regarding first to third-person perspective play, but many, including PCGamer, argue that spaceship combat could be in the title.

Halo Infinite Will Give Microsoft A Chance To Bring In Older Xbox Fans

Whenever fans think of the Xbox brand, the Halo franchise is most likely the first title they'd love to discuss. Since its early beginnings on Microsoft's original Xbox system, Halo has amassed a large following. Although 343 Industries, the new team taking over the mantle left behind by Bungie, has been hit or miss with fans, many still look forward to Infinite's launch this holiday.

Halo Infinite will take place sometime after Halo 5 Guardians and stars the franchise's main hero Master Chief. The game will include an "epic campaign" and superb multiplayer mode at launch featuring classic game modes like Big Team Battle and a battle pass that will never expire after purchase.

REDFALL’s Vampire Infested World Has Vast Potential

Like most teams under Microsoft's roof, Arkane Studios had another open-world title waiting in the winks for fans to see at the end of Microsoft and Bethesda's Xbox E3 Showcase. Redfall not only looks like it'll be a blast to play alongside fans, but it will offer horror enthusiasts a swell time with its dark and eerie setting.

According to Arkane Studios, Redfall is an open-world cooperative FPS game that'll give players a chance to select one of the title's unique heroes to lay waste to the vampire scum threatening their homeland. While the game hopes players will join up in a group chat to enjoy the title, they do have the option to play the title by themselves.

REPLACED’s Stunning Visuals Will Leave Retro Gaming Fans In Awe

Although some gaming enthusiasts love anticipating what their favorite game developers are working on next, others enjoy seeing what new talented studios can throw into the mix. Sad Cat Studios’ Replaced not only utilizes a unique 2.5D art style, but it has the potential to hit it big in the financial market.

According to the developers, Replaced is set in a classic futuristic setting where players will follow an A.I. named R.E.A.C.H to investigate and stop the Phoenix Corporation. The game will follow a platformer formula and will feature an alternative scenario to how our lives could've been like in the 80s.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2’s Outstanding Visuals & Dedicated Fanbase Proves It Won’t Be a Generic FPS Title

Whenever a gaming company holds an event, fans often speculate if a sequel to their favorite game series will occur. While Halo was on the mind for most, others looked forward to seeing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl. Since the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game has a; 5 million+ concurrent player count, it's no wonder fans jumped out of their seats for the sequel.

This franchise features many mutated monsters, rampaging enemies, and an unpleasant living environment as challenges for players. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 builds upon the first game by introducing new challenging beasts to take down and some additional content for those that pre-order it.

The Outer World 2’s Reveal Trailer Didn’t Show Much, But Will Leave Fans Speculating

The Outer Worlds 2 was a sequel many saw coming, but its reveal trailer at Xbox and Bethesda's E3 2021 Showcase left many laughing and intrigued. While the trailer's narrator deserves his merits for letting fans know the game won't be out soon, the footage inserted into the trailer left them with some excitement.

According to some fans, Obsidian Entertainment gave them the classic Fallout feeling they didn't receive in Fallout 76 through its optional situation solving, beautiful world, and clever humor. With a new crew, star system, and branching path opportunities, The Outer Worlds 2 is one to keep in one's field of vision.

Battlefield 2042’s Starting The Next Generation Of FPS Games Off Right

Regardless if one is a fan of multiplayer-focused FPS games like Call of Duty or story-driven titles like Bioshock, each of these games have done their part for the genre. Battlefield 2042 isn't only setting the stage for a new FPS generation, but it hopes to enact a true feeling of all-out warfare no FPS fan has ever felt before.

Battlefield 2042 will feature a 128 player lobby where your task is to shoot down as many players as possible to come out as the victor. The game also will feature two new gaming experiences regarding Hazard Zone and Redacted, which players can expect more information about later this year.

Forza Horizon 5 Features The Growth In Racing Game Visuals With An Unexpected Twist

To some gaming enthusiasts, gaming companies love revealing racing games to showcase their hardware's graphical achievements. While Forza Horizon 5 follows this trend, Playground Games aims for this racing game to have the most immersive and hugest open-world yet.

The Mexico setting will adopt Forza Horizon 4's dramatic weather system while giving fans more locales to drive through. Further, the game will include an overarching campaign where players can meet and engage with many distinct characters while determining their fate per outcome. The game will have a fun Events Lab mode where players can craft their races, game modes, and experiences.

Jack Sparrow Joins The Sea Of Thieves In A New & Free Adventure

Super Smash Bros. and Fortnite are two games where fans expect wacky crossovers to occur. However, Xbox wanted to challenge those titles by introducing Pirates of the Caribbean's witty pirate Jack Sparrow into Rare’s pirate game called Sea of Thieves. Not only will Jack Sparrow be tagging along with players, but Davy Jones will also be making his debut in the title.

The free update also includes new enemies, cosmetics, and more--as it plans to release on June 22nd this year. While it's not Jack Sparrow's first time appearing in a video game crossover, many fans loved seeing him alongside the Sea of Thieves cast.

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