10 Forgotten Nintendo Properties That Need To Make A Comeback

Since Nintendo wishes to revive classic video game properties in their vault, many other franchises deserve similar treatment.

Ever since the Nintendo Switch made its way to store shelves in 2017, Nintendo has made bold moves regarding its current video game franchises. The Legend of Zelda has dipped its toes into the vast open-world setting, and 3D Mario titles received a revamp regarding its gameplay and formula.

Further, Nintendo is refreshing its older properties like Famicom Detective Club to give gamers old and new a long-forgotten IP and modernize it. Considering fans' positive reaction to Famicom Detective Club thus far, many may speculate what Nintendo can do to revitalize other abandoned franchises in this new day in age.

F-Zero Will Give Hardcore Racing Game Fans A Challenge

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Considering the immense profit Nintendo's made with the rerelease of Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Switch, it'd make sense to continue investing more time into this Mario spinoff title. While Mario Kart has room to improve, Nintendo may be sitting on another system seller regarding the F-Zero franchise.

Unlike Mario Kart, F-Zero is more akin to traditional racing games and would bode well for the more hardcore fans of that genre. Captain Falcon's a well-beloved character in Nintendo history thanks to Super Smash Bros. and has unexplored story roots that'd bode well in an action-adventure title.

Ice Climber Can Become A Notable Puzzle Platformer Title Like Captain Toad

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Despite finally making their triumphant return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Popo and Nana, better known as the Ice Climbers, haven't received a new video game since their debut on the NES. While jumping and avoiding danger while climbing a rocky mountain may have been fun in 1985, the Ice Climbers need new landscapes to explore.

An idea many fans argue is to have Ice Climber follow Captain Toad Treasure Tracker's formula. The title could feature co-op play by having one player control Popo with the left Joycon and Nana with the other. Both characters would have to solve a puzzle to move on to the next stage. If one of them faints, then it'd provide an extreme disadvantage to the other player.

The Mysterious Murasame Castle Would Give Fans Another Vast Universe To Explore

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When examining Nintendo's many properties, The Legend of Zelda stands out to many because of its loveable open world, lore, and colorful characters. While its universe remains original and breathtaking, The Mysterious Murasame Castle was another unique Nintendo game many aren't aware exists.

The Mysterious Murasame Castle follows the protagonist Takamaru, who must travel to five castles, swipe five gems, and defeat the main boss, Murasame. It's a game that tests players' action skills by limiting the number of power-ups Takamaru can attain. The Mysterious Murasame Castle's remake can highlight Takamaru's past, introduce new characters to Nintendo's fanbase, and give players a new open-world title worth praising.

Mach Rider Features Nintendo’s Hidden & Powerful Female Protagonist

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While fans adore the many powerful female protagonists within Nintendo's universe like Samus Aran and others, many forget she wasn't the only woman who can lay a beat down. Mach Rider is a classic Nintendo combat racing game featuring a female looking for survivors in a futuristic setting while fighting evil racers called Quadrunners.

The game allowed fans to create custom courses and required players to keep their eyes peeled for course hazards and enemies. It also introduced a track creator feature, allowing players to make race sectors for themselves. A remake can expand upon those elements and give Mach Rider a fleshed-out storyline.

Eternal Darkness’s Realistic Bizarre Gameplay & Storytelling Would Shatter Nintendo’s Childlike Image

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Hunting ghosts in a hotel or mansion may be appealing to some folks; others will crave a darker experience. While Nintendo's explored some new avenues of horror with the Famicom Detective Club remakes, Eternal Darkness is a game they need to market to horror enthusiasts.

Eternal Darkness set itself apart from other psychological horror action-adventure games during its release. Its different gameplay mechanics and intriguing storytelling format aided Eternal Darkness in this regard. It was one of those oddball titles that gained praise from many critics and fans and can serve as a testament for Nintendo to tell darker storylines in a realistic setting.

Chibi-Robo’s 3D Adventures Would Thrive On The Nintendo Switch

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While Chibi-Robo Zip Lash didn't have a vast impact on many critics and Nintendo fans when it was released, the franchise could still make a remarkable comeback if it were to return to form on Nintendo Switch. Zip Lash felt uninspired to many folks, and its side-scrolling elements weren't delightful.

The classic Chibi-Robo games followed a 3D aesthetic and gave fans an adventurous sandbox to explore with the little guy. It was essentially Nintendo's version of Toy Story as Chibi-Robo helps families and toys with their dilemmas. A Nintendo Switch title can revert to those roots and add more elements to Chibi-Robo's world that'd make it a better seller than its 3DS game.

Advance Wars Can Help Nintendo Reach Audiences Fond Of Realistic & Classic War-Like Strategy Games

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Intelligent Systems is responsible for making Nintendo titles fans love, from Paper Mario to the semi-acclaimed Fire Emblem franchise. Each title gave fans memorable characters and well-written scenarios with strategic gameplay at the forefront. While both have undergone some change, Intelligent Systems' Advance Wars franchise remains dormant in Nintendo's vault.

Advance Wars grants players a grid-based battle system where they're in charge of commanding fleets to take down an enemy's squadron. In some regard, it's Fire Emblem's mechanized cousin as the protagonists arm themselves with the heavy artillery of the mecha-variety.

Nintendogs Can Expand Upon Its Mechanics & Reach New Audiences With The Nintendo Switch

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While owning actual canines and felines may appeal to some people more than a virtual pet, others prefer games like Nintendogs. Nintendogs may have been simplistic in scope and gameplay, but it's a title that potentially helped individuals understand care, love, and responsibility regarding a pet.

Nintendogs later expanded its scope by introducing newer pets like cats with possibilities to extend its reach. Today's climate can benefit from having a Nintendogs + Reptiles video game since some own Iguanas or geckos as pets. Nintendogs is an educational game the Nintendo Switch seems to be missing, and one that many people would welcome back with open arms.

StarTropics Is A Dormant Franchise That Can Rival The Legend Of Zelda

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While adventuring through the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule never ceases to amaze Nintendo's current fandom, others may want to follow the journey of a newer hero and world. While StarTropics isn't fresh to classic fans, it's a title many newcomers haven't explored or heard of before.

StarTropics was a 2D top-down adventure game with a storyline that spans several chapters featuring its main character Mike Jones. It's a game that features aliens, dungeons and required players to use a real-world gift to progress. Many critics praised it for its gameplay and storytelling, and if given another shot in today's age, it can become a heavy hitter in Nintendo's current line-up.

Custom Robo Will Cure Pokémon Fans’ Fatigue With The Franchise

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While Pokémon continues to sell well, some fans are becoming burnt on the franchise with its various issues and concurrent state of affairs. None of these franchises have made a dent in Pokémon’s hold over its fanbase. While Custom Robo isn’t as popular as Pokémon, it could provide fans with new experiences.

Custom Robo features arena-style gameplay and forces players to assemble robots to fight others machines in a holographic area. Unlike Pokémon, many Custom Robo fans praise it for its multiple battle modes, intriguing single-player campaign, and encouraging competitive gameplay.

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