10 Mario Characters That Should Be In Mario Golf: Super Rush

Updated: May 24

Mario Golf: Super Rush is fast approaching--despite having a well-rounded cast, new characters will make the roster better in the end.

Nintendo's Mario universe continuously introduces new characters to its universe to leave an impact on fans. Despite Mario Golf: Super Rush's sixteen character roster featuring Nintendo's best, fans will notice some well-known personalities missing from the party. 


Mario Golf may include vast locations with breathtaking music, but Nintendo's characters constituent fans decisions for purchasing their spin-off games. Nintendo can introduce new golfers via free or purchasable DLC updates, but it's no guarantee that a fan-favorite will be golfing alongside its current roster. Whether in or not, many Mario characters need to head into the golfing battleground before others.

Diddy Kong’s Peanut Popgun Will Land Him An Explosive Birdie

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Monkeys and golf aren’t a perfect combo on paper, but Diddy Kong’s love for extreme situations puts those disbeliefs to rest. From his countless battles with the Kremling crew to his enjoyable days eating bananas with Donkey Kong, Diddy's accustomed to living a peaceful and dangerous lifestyle.

Diddy's appeared in many Super Mario Bros. spin-off games in the past and has a select few attacks to choose from for his "special shot" in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Diddy can fly into the sky with his Rocket Pack and blast the golf ball with his Peanut Popguns to earn an explosive Birdie for himself.

Hammer Bro’s A Concurrent Mario Enemy With Dangerous Attack Power

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While Piranha Plant has Hammer Bro beat regarding an entry into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hammer Bro's elite reputation can grant it access to the Mario Golf: Super Rush golf course before it. Hammer Bro has been a staple enemy in the Mario franchise since the original and can severely beatdown anyone with its hammers.

They're creatures many fans don't adore because of their abilities, and some others enjoy when they get the chance to play as them. Hammer Bro's "special shot" can have the character's hammer quadrupling in size to lay a hit devastating enough to shake the terrain around it.

Professor E. Gadd Would Reference Classic Mario Games By Using His Inventions

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Professor E. Gadd is an old-timer with importance to the Super Mario Bros. lore. He's created many unique inventions from Bowser Jr.'s Magic Paintbrush and Luigi's Poltergust 3000. If not for Professor E. Gadd, players would've had difficulties cleaning up the sludge at Isle Delfino since he's responsible for creating F.L.U.D.D.

While Luigi and Boo can reference Luigi's Mansion, Professor E. Gadd can reference other beloved Mario games like Super Mario Sunshine, Mario & Luigi, etc. Professor E. Gadd's disappearance in the Mario spin-off games is baffling, as his occupation grants him leeway for individuality and flare.

King K. Rool Would Add Another Powerhouse Villain To The Roster

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Classic Nintendo fans screamed in joy when King K. Rool found his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He was the Kong family's mortal enemy and a beast many wanted back in the Donkey Kong franchise. Whether stealing the Kong family's bananas or scolding his Kremlings, King K. Rool's a crazed ruler that doesn't like failure.

King K. Rool also likes dressing for special occasions during his time as Kaptain K. Rool and Baron K. Roolenstein. He can bring along his many weapons regarding the heli-pack, blunderbuss, and crown.

Kamek Has Many Magical Powers That'd Look Beautiful On A Golf Course

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Hammer Bro is among the elites in Bowser's army, but Kamek is Bowser's right-hand Koopa. As Yoshi's arch-enemy in Yoshi's Island and Bowser's primary caretaker during his infant years, Kamek possesses many magical abilities that would make him a threat on a golf course.

Kamek can transform dirt into anthropomorphic enemies and later their size, zap foes with its wand, and change the terrain to better suit itself. Considering Kamek's magical capabilities, strength, and importance to the lore, Nintendo would be foolish not to include it in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Dry Bones Would Pay Homage To Horror, Punk, & Other Hardcore Media Genres

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Dry Bones' appearance wouldn't only add more villains to Mario Golf: Super Rush's roster, but it would add more horror elements to the game. Dry Bones' are deceased reanimated Koopas and inspired many skeletal enemies in the Super Mario Bros. franchise like Dry Bowser and Bony Beetle.

Many fans love grouping these skeletal Koopas with Boos because of Dry Bones' lore and influence. Dry Bones' appearance in Mario Golf: Super Rush could also influence fans of Punk, Metal, Rock, and other hardcore genres to purchase the title for representation purposes.

Birdo’s Heart & Suction Powers Would Help Her Play Differently From Yoshi

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Birdo's a mysterious and loved Mario character; Nintendo loves pairing with Yoshi whenever they're involved in a spin-off game. Although Birdo was one of Mario's enemies, she's now a heroic creature who aims to become a superstar one day.

Although Yoshi has many abilities that outmatch Birdo in several ways, she's got some tricks up her snout. Birdo has immense suction capabilities and can deliver powerful attacks ranging from heart powers to eggs. Adding her suction and heart powers into her "special shot" would make her play differently from Yoshi, wiping away fans' worries of her being a clone.

Chain Chomp’s Inclusion Would Puzzle & Motivate Fans On A Personal Level

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If Nintendo was a fictional character, fans argue their unpredictability would be their best trait. When announcing Chain Chomp for Mario Tennis Aces, fans were caught off-guard at the idea of playing as a brainless creature. However, Nintendo proved many naysayers wrong and gave Chain Chomp the personality and powers necessary to fascinate fans.

Now armed with personality and fan adoration, Chain Chomp would make an excellent addition to Mario Golf: Super Rush's roster by giving people experiences they'd never imagined before. Chain Chomp's inclusion would also motivate people to strive for their dreams, no matter what limitations, disabilities, etc., are in someone's way.

Koopa Troopa Has Made A Name For Itself Since Its Debut In Super Mario Bros.

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Goombas may have a tighter place in fans' minds compared to Koopas Troopas, but others argue Koopa Troopas are Bowser's best foot soldiers. Whether it's because they love using them as weapons to pulverize other enemies or their iconic designs, Koopa Troopas are beloved creatures in the Super Mario Bros. franchise.

In Mario spin-off games, fans love choosing these creatures because of the wonderful item pulls they receive from green to red shells. Koopa Troopas have also gained recognition for being wonderful Mario protagonists like Kooper and Koops in the Paper Mario titles.

Petey Piranha’s A Charismatic & Beloved Villain With Great Potential

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After learning about King Bob-omb's inclusion in Mario Golf: Super Rush, fans were thrilled that they could now play as one of Mario's iconic bosses from Super Mario 64. To continue fueling enthusiasts' excitement for the game, it's worth adding Petey Piranha to the game's character line-up.

Unlike King Bob-omb, Petey has a charming and hilarious personality whenever he's not cast as a villain for Mario to defeat. He'll dance when he scores a victory and will lose his temper when enduring failure. These are beloved personality traits fans loved Nintendo for adding to him, and some they'll be disappointed not to appear in this game.

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