Matt Edwards: 5 Weapons To Return In Splatoon 3 (And 5 New Weapons to introduce)

Updated: May 17

The February Nintendo Direct brought fans many announcements they expected and many they didn't see coming, and one of these was a sequel to Splatoon 2 being Splatoon 3. Featuring a new hub world, salmonid comrade, and some new weapons, Splatoon 3 looks to be bringing the same heat that the previous two games delivered.

On the other hand, one of Game of Honor Show's Forsaken members named Matt Edwards was excited for Splatoon 3 when it got shown off, and being the GOH Journalist, I had to get a quick interview with him regarding his thoughts about the game. Therefore, here are five weapons Matt Edwards wants to see come-back in Splatoon 3 and five new weapons he'd like to see introduced in the game.

10. Wants To Return: Toni Kensa Glooga Dualies

Matt Edwards: I’d want to see the Glooga Duelies comeback, specifically the Toni Kensa variant. They have a fun range, the roll technique strengthens their shots, plus they also bring fizzy bombs, which were my favorite sub-weapon in Splatoon 2.

9. Wants Introduced: Sword/Blade Type Weapon

Matt Edwards: I want to see a sword/blade-type weapon. Most shooting games have this, and I think it's time Splatoon has one too.

Diego: To elaborate further, many games like Left 4 Dead contain a melee weapon class and feature weapons where players can slice down foes using machetes and other sharpened weaponry. Having something like this in Splatoon 3 will make my experience feel grander. .

8. Wants To Return: Natilus Splatling [New Variant]

Matt Edwards: Undercover Sorella Brella is another favorite. It has a very solid kit, and is a great weapon for flanking and getting the jump on opponents. The shield function is a lot weaker than other Brella, but I think this a great benefit for this subtype of weapon.

7. Wants Introduced: Boomerang

Matt Edwards: I think a boomerang would be random but fun to try out in Splatoon 3.

Diego: The boomerang weapon can cover terrain with more ink than some lower-class weapons and possibly immobilize your opponent for a short time. Maybe when a player uses the boomerang, they can also push opponents across the map. Of course, balancing the weapon and making sure people aren't-sent too far away would be ideal.

6. Wants To Return: Undercover Sorella Brella

Matt Edwards: The Undercover Sorella Brella is another favorite. It has a solid kit and is a great-weapon for flanking and getting the jump on opponents. The shield function is a lot weaker than other Brella, but I think this a great benefit for this subtype of weapon.

5. Wants Introduced: Rod or Wand Weapon

Matt Edwards: A rod or wand that functions as a magic item would be neat.

Diego: Some concepts the Splatoon team could create for this weapon can include turning one's ammo into something other than ink. Another option could be to convert one's ink into various shapes like stars or grenades that explode into multiple ink colors. On that note, taking inspiration from Bowser Jr.'s paintbrush in Super Mario Sunshine would seem like an easy route to go.

4.Wants To Return: Kensa Sloshing Machine

Matt Edwards: The Kensa Sloshing Machine would be next. The Kensa Sloshing Machine is based-around a Washing Machine which I find hilarious. That's honestly all I have to say about this weapon. I love the weapons that take household appliances and make them tools of destruction.

3. Wants Introduced: Animal And Pet Summon-Based Weapons

Matt Edwards: Summoning animals or pets would be fun (and maybe hinted at with the crab in the trailer).

Diego: The animals can function as support characters seen in fighting games and operate as a distractive tactic or a way to get more ink on the terrain for your team. It would also be a neat touch to include this said animal or companion in the winning screen to add to a player's connection with the said creature.

2. Wants To Return: Hero Shot Replica

Matt Edwards: And lastly, the Hero Shot Replica, which I believe is the least likely to return since it will most likely get redesigned. Splatoon has had this in both games, but both games are drastically different. It'll most likely get a redesign with the third game, but the second game's based the Hero Shot Replica's design on a p90. That weapon is one of the oddest looking firearms in the real world that I've personally seen, and it is my favorite firearm because of it.

1. Wants Introduced: Fists

Matt Edwards: One of my favorite weapons in video games is, funnily enough, fists. On that note, I am a fighting game enthusiast, and "monks" are a favorite type/trope from RPGs. A player being able to run around the battlefield with ink fists at one's disposal sounds fantastic. Sign me up!

Diego: Imagine ink gloves and little mac's star punch mechanics, but on a battlefield like Splatoon. For the big-bad weapon, players can have larger gloves that'll allow them to instantly K.O. an opponent. However, to balance the larger gloves, they'll only have a short time to use them.

Question of Honor: What Are You Looking Forward To Seeing In Splatoon 3?

Matt Edwards: I'm super excited to see how the story mode changes. I believe the lore in Splatoon is fascinating, and I think they got a super positive response from how the Octo Expansion's DLC structure worked in Splatoon 2. I argue we'll see a much bigger scope when it comes to single-player content this time around.

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