Age of Rust NFTs

For those who are not aware, NFTs are a new form of cryptocurrency and stand for non-fungible tokens. They are currently found in the form of digital pictures and videos and are being sold for thousands of dollars, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. With a lot of money to be made with these NFTs, and since they are an all digital product, it makes it a perfect thing to include in video games. In today’s article we will be discussing how some video games are beginning to include NFTs within their development and our example for today is none other than Age of Rust.

Age of Rust is a dark science fiction action adventure game which is set many years in the future. It is mainly a single player game with the options to explore different planets as well as abandoned space stations and mysterious caves. If this already peaks your interest then that is great, but we still have another reason why you should play this game. If you think this game might not be for you, then wait until we drop this news for you.

The developers making Age of Rust have decided to include not only NFTs in their game but bitcoin as well, which is another form of cryptocurrency. Just earlier this week, Age of Rust shared this news, which is now widely known as a treasure hunt across the game. So not only do you get to enjoy the aspects of the game itself with stealth and combat, but you also get to look out for free money at every corner. What makes these NFTs so difficult to find is that the online world spans a total area of 250,000 kilometers squared or the equivalent of 96,000 square miles. This is an insanely large amount of area both in the real and virtual worlds.

Throughout this distance, there has been a total of over $2 million worth of bitcoin and NFTs. There are 24 bitcoins specifically and more than 35,000 NFTs along the way. This is certainly one way to get people to play your game, and it is a large investment for one video game. The developers behind this game are called SpacePirate Games, and the name is very fitting with such a massive treasure hunt going on in the game. SpacePirate Games is proud to lead the way of video games into what they call blockchain gaming or games that include cryptocurrencies.

Even though your odds may seem low, someone will find these NFTs and it is still a revolutionary concept in the world of video games. For games to begin including NFTs into their game play is really a step towards the future. Imagine how many more people would begin playing video games if it meant that they had a chance at winning money from it. Even after hours and hours of work the worth of one NFT could quite possibly be the equivalent of an annual paycheck for some people. However we would imagine that earning that much money from playing video games would be much more fun than working a daily job. Either way stay tuned for more news of Age of Rust and how the NFTs can be found in the game.