Dead By Daylight X Resident Evil: Who will be the new characters?

With only a few days to go before the outcome of Dead By Daylight's new collaboration with Resident Evil is known, fans have been speculating. With the game's developers dropping hints, some more hidden than others, here's what we know.

Gamers around the world were shocked when on April 14, during its 25th-anniversary celebration, Resident Evil announced a collaboration with Dead By Daylight. The online multiplayer survival game developed by Behaviour Interactive is no stranger to such surprises, as it features killers and survivors from various horror franchises. Among its roster are legendary figures such as Pyramid Head, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Leather Face, among many others.

What can we expect for the next collaboration?

With the reveal announced for May 25th, there are already several names being bandied about in the community. Behaviour announced that the new DLC will be full of iconic characters of the saga, which will satisfy both old and new players of the legendary horror franchise. Among various hints of possible killers and survivors, here is what is speculated.

The Nemesis

Undoubtedly the most iconic character of the saga. Both classic and new players still have nightmares with this huge monster chasing Jill Valentine through the streets of Racoon City. The huge creature recently received a revamp in Resident Evil 3 Remake, so its presence in Dead By Daylight is one of the most anticipated.

Mr. X

Another one of the most iconic characters of the saga. Although he may not have aged well in the classic game, Resident Evil 2 Remake did justice to this terrifying stalker. With his menacing way of chasing his prey and his simple yet aggressive punches, Mr.X is not only an iconic character in the franchise, but he fits in perfectly with the style of Dead By Daylight. Also, both Mr.X, Nemesis, and the rest of the Tyrants are very similar to each other, so by bringing this monster, they could also add the rest of the legendary enemies in as skins.

The original Tyrant

The monster that started it all. With short and shocking participation at the end of Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Remastered. The first Tyrant laid the groundwork for its two successors. In case he doesn't make it as a killer, it's a high probability that he will return as a legendary skin.

The Witches

In the end, we leave a big surprise, and at the same time those who represent a bigger enigma for the community. These 3 characters are very similar to each other, so they can all represent the same killer (choosing between them with different skins). Several hints may indicate that they will surprise the whole community. The first and most obvious one takes place during the Resident Evil 8 playthrough. In the castle where they attack the player, you can hear a scream that many fans will recognize: it's Meg, the Dead By Daylight character whose iconic scream is heard in the game's introduction trailer. Another clue is the logo of the fifth anniversary of the video game since the "5" written on it is very similar to the hooks with which the witches attack.

The only thing that brings this speculation down is the fact that Behaviour's developers hinted that the new characters were going to be iconic and classic. So even though the witches would be a great addition to the game, fans would not be entirely happy.

The survivors

Given their lack of abilities in the game (and the fact that they basically only vary in aesthetics). Any character could make it as a survivor. Despite this, the community believes that the biggest candidate is Claire Redfield, one of the protagonists of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 2 Remake. This is because a Behaviour programmer used a phrase of hers while giving an interview, and fans of the game know that Behaviour likes to give clues and leaves nothing to chance. Anyway, we expect legendary skins of other great characters like Jill Valentine and the addition of a man, who could also come packed with legendary skins.

The wait to meet the new characters of this terrifying but fun franchise ends this May 25. Who do you think will be the new characters? Leave a comment and let us know!