Dragon Quest 12: Flames of Fate could have a very dark concept!

Yuji Horii showed off a logo and a voice clip during the 35th Dragon Quest Anniversary Live Stream that was enough to make me start working on a time machine to see this masterpiece sooner. The reveal was very vague but effective at the same time, The music, the logo, the voice acting, everything in that reveal was made to make DQ12 feel different. Horii himself has confirmed that this game will be a little more adult-like, Which is surprising since Dragon Quest has been known to tackle subjects like death, mourning, depression, and even self-sacrifice. This new game has the ability to break the mold the way Dragon Quest lll did back in the day.

Dragon Quest 12 is venturing into a new territory that could actually change the format of the franchise. The Flames of Fate being the games title, makes it very obvious that we will be given a lot of choices throughout the game. The concept of being given choices that effect the story is very intriguing because not only will this game have great replay value but it will also allow you to see a different perspective. A Dragon Quest game aim at adult is a good way to westernize the game if I am being honest. Adult have more money than kids, Final Fantasy 7 took a more adult/mature approach with their game and most the time if you ask any 90s kid what their favorite Final Fantasy game is 7 will be the answer.

The way the voice in the reveal trailer was questioning life, made me think that we could possibly be playing with a character that was born or created by abnormal reasons such as , cloning, gene manipulation, magic, reincarnation, technology or even selective breeding. The tone of the voice and the actual line (Insert line here) gave me vibes of certain characters such as Mewtwo, Shadow the Hedgehog, Blackwargreymon and even Albert Wesker, These are all characters that were created by abnormal circumstances. Could we possibly be playing with a character that that struggles with his moral compass or with a character born from Darkness and struggles to make choices that would spiral him deeper into such Darkness? (Looking at you Kylo Ren)

After the success of Dragon Quest 11 here in the United States its no surprise Horri announced Dragon Quest 12 will have a world wide release. So far no information exist providing what console will get the game nor the engine, However if I had to guess my guess would be unreal engine 5 seems like a sure fit for a game like this on the PlayStation 5. We also never got a release date for Dragon Quest 12, we have no idea when this game will come out but until then we will have a couple of other games that can hold us over before this master piece drops