Dragon Quest 35th anniversary live stream, What to expect (5/27/21)

If you are reading this you are probably already aware that the Dragon Quest series is the father of RPGs.

This popular series has taken many hours from us and transported us into other worlds and showed us many lessons. Dragon Quest has recently forced its way into the west and honestly I am here for it. Thanks to games like Dragon Quest 8, Dragon Quest 9, Dragon Quest 11, and let's not forget the latest 2 spin off series Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes, the series has been gaining a lot more attention with fans outside of Japan.

In just under a week (5/27/21) we will have a live stream to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest. In this live stream we will hear about upcoming projects surrounding the Dragon Quest series, However this time they decided to include us westerners and that feels amazing. Here is a list of what to expect from this stream. Let's rip this one off right away! After the Success of Dragon Quest 11, Dragon Quest 12 has to be on the horizon for a 2022 release. We know the game is in development but the question is when will it happen? Dragon Quest 12 has a ton of potential and fans have even speculated that it might have a connection to Dragon Quest 11 since the graphic that the Dragon Quest social media team used has 12 leaves from Yggdrasil (Yggdrasil was a big part of DQ11)

Dragon Quest Builders 3

Dragon Quest Builders is a nice relaxing sandbox spin off game with a deep lore and plenty of room to let you get creative. This game essentially grabs Minecraft and gives it a more Cartoon like style but this style works well. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the most played game, This particular game has a heavy connection to the original trilogy and it felt nice playing it and learning more lore. Dragon Quest Builders 3 can keep adding to this series. With the last game being co-op after you beat the game, I hope they make the game co-op from the beginning with Dragon Quest Builders 3.

Dragon Quest Heroes 3

Dragon Quest Heroes is a Dynasty Warrior like spin off but as you probably guessed it, with Dragon Quest Characters!

So far we have 2 entries into this spin off and both entries can rival the main line games when it comes to story. Dragon Quest Heroes 3 can be the biggest one yet with the ability of being the last game of its series. The Dragon Quest Heroes games are known for their phenomenal crossover with characters from other Dragon Quest Series, Heroes 3 has the ability to pull from DQ8, DQ9, DQ11, and even DQ12 if that gets announced. If you haven't played the Heroes series please do me a favor, stop reading this and go play Heroes 2, I promise you that the story, art, voice acting are all legit some of the best in the series.

Dragon Quest Walk

After the way Niantic swept the world with Pokemon Go, you know Dragon Quest had to dip their fingers in that field. Dragon Quest Walk was a japan exclusive Pokemon Go like app/game that allowed you to battle enemies by walking to their location. Let's be honest for a second here, The idea of walking somewhere for half a mile to fight a slime sounds....well you know.....REALLY AWESOME! Out of all my predictions this is the one I crave the most! I don't know much about the game outside of the simple mechanics I have searched up but at this point I have seen enough to make me want it bad!

Dragon Quest Rivals

Dragon Quest Rivals was a fun spin off card game that had great animation and let you play as some of your favorite characters from the Dragon Quest series.

I played the Japanese version of the game and fell in love instantly. This game had the charm of hearthstone and Magic the gathering. This game was recently shut down from the Japanese App store on mobile, However my belief is that the reason it was shut down was because the game is being released worldwide on the Nintendo switch! Boom! There I said it! If this ends up being true this game might end up taking a lot of my hours away!

- Remakes -

Dragon Quest 9

I can see Dragon Quest 9 being remade for the switch, originally this game was for the 3Ds but remaking this game would be a great way for people to get to experience the near perfect story of this game. When it comes to remakes, this game is the number 2 on the list of DQ games to remake.

Dragon Quest 8

Just in case you were wondering what the number 1 DQ game that needs to be remade well the answer is easy Dragon Quest 8! Dragon Quest 8 with modern graphics and a bit of retouch would really bring this game back from the ps2 era to 2021!

- Ports -

Dragon Quest 10

Recently on twitter a fellow Dragon Quest fan (@soulstyce) has been pushing for localization of Dragon Quest 10, Oh you never heard of Dragon Quest 10? You probably haven't heard of it because it was an MMO that was Japan exclusive, But seeing others play the game has shown me how epic this game is! Seeing people like (@soulstyce) gives me hope that one day we might get this and I can meet other DQ fans. If there was ever a time and place for this game to get announced with localization it will be may 27th 2021!

Dragon Quest Monster

This spin off is a fun monster catching game, You get to capture popular monsters from the series and train them, battle with them and go through a lore heavy story that will leave you wanting more! Last time I heard this game was going to have you play as either Erik(DQ11) or his sister Mia(DQ11) but until the game gets announced we won't know for sure.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

The anime for Dragon Quest The adventures of Dai did so well that 3 games are being produced using the lore from the anime. I am very positive that at least 2 will be announced!

Obviously there's more games and even non-gaming Dragon Quest news that will be coming out that day, personally I am very happy and can't wait! I will be making another article once the news drops