Interview with the Game of Honor Show Host, Admiral Black!

Updated: May 19

On May 3rd, 2019, Game of Honor Show’s host, Admiral Black posted a video on Game of Honor Show’s Facebook and Twitter account announcing that the show will be taking a break. He mentioned that this hiatus will last from May 3rd, 2019 to June 7th, 2019. However, Admiral promises that more content will be posted on the show’s Twitter and Facebook accounts during this brief hiatus.

On that note, I want to share some exciting insight with you all that I attained from an interview with Game of Honor Show’s host, Admiral Black. I asked him a couple of questions that I believe many fans will want to know the answers too. These questions lean more toward how he handles unruly players on the show concerning their attitudes and attempts at vocal and physical harm toward players and Game of Honor Show’s staff. I also ask Admiral what punishment types are given to those players and his reasons behind those being the accurate way of handling ‘dishonorable’ behavior in the arena. Without further ado, here’s the latest interview.

Diego: How did you feel about the last episode of Game of Honor?

Admiral: Oh yes! Since we will be going on break this next month I really wanted to give the viewers at home a night to remember.

What was the reason behind grouping Blackburn and Kunai together as a co-op team? Why didn’t you just suspend them for a few weeks?

I need Kunai and Blackburn to get along. These two have been at each other's throats since year one of Game of Honor show. They're constantly fighting, and their behavior is beginning to affect to show. I made the decision not to suspend these two because I did not think that would solve the problem. Instead, by having them work together I hope to teach them the value in one another and end their rivalry once and for all.

What type of thought process goes into your punishment decision-making options for player misconduct? Does the company have a scale or a three-strikes-you’re-out punishment system?

Game of Honor Show takes misconduct very seriously. As the host of the show, it's my job to ensure everyone has a safe and positive environment to work in. We have a code of conduct that each player is given upon joining the company. Whenever a rule is broken by a player or staff member, that person could be fined and possibly suspended. In some cases, like with Blackburn and Kunai, I'll step in an issue a better-suited punishment.

What is your take on weapons being allowed in the arena? I ask because Blackburn has threatened many on the show with his sword and Kunai almost harmed Blackburn with his deadly-weapon last episode.

Given the nature of the show, we have lots of props and items that can be used as weapons. I don't mind people like Blackburn bringing in a sword to enhance his gimmick on the show. However, I do not tolerate threats made with weapons. This can make the workspace feel unsafe for GOH players and staff and someone could get seriously injured. Any offense involving a weapon will result in a serious fine and possible termination.

Besides suspensions and firing players, are there other consequences you have in mind for player’s who are rude to the staff members or other players on the show? Is there a chance they could lose something meaningful—like a championship if they’re currently the title holder for that championship?

We can't remove a championship from a player for bad behavior. However, if a player misbehaves they can lose valuable match opportunities. I also hand out punishments for small offenses that include cleaning, setting up the arena, breaking down the set...etc.

What’s your view on players using profane language on the show? Also, why aren’t players punished for how they speak to the fans online--if provoked or not?

Profanity is allowed in Game of Honor Show. Any offensive language unfit for television will be censored. When it comes to player interaction with fans online, our players are given a loose set of guidelines to follow. Other than that, they have free range in how they post to their social media accounts as long as those guidelines are not broken.

After you punish a player from the show, do you ever feel bad about your decision, or do you walk away from the situation without any emotional drawbacks?

Everyone who works in this company is like my family. I never want to punish anyone but being in a position of leadership. It’s my job to maintain order.

How are you able to keep your calm and gentle attitude toward players who act rude to you? Did you train yourself to deflect inappropriate comments and physical contact from others? Or is it a personality trait that you were accustomed with when you were born?

As a leader you will always have those who don't like you or approve of your actions. I choose to ignore those people and lead by example. I show everyone in GOH respect, and in turn I ask they do the same to myself and the other players of the show.

Do you believe there will ever be a situation where GM will have to handle the player’s punishment? Or, does he believe that you can handle any situation without his involvement? Why or why not?

GM trust me to handle all day to day operations in GOH. He's never had to get involved with a player’s punishment.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s players or fans out there today? If so, what is that? If not, why?

I would like to thank all of the fans who take the time to watch Game of Honor Show. It's because of all you viewers at home that this company has grown to what it is today. We have big plans for our future and it's because of you that we can make our dreams a reality.

For more information about Admiral Black, the GOH commentators, or Game of Honor Show’s player-roster, be sure to check the “player section” of our website. We also have a support page for those who want to donate to the show. The funds will help the shows’ creators with finance expenses and more. If you want to stay tuned for major GOH news, or if you want to purchase the show’s latest merchandise, be sure to follow Game of Honor’s Twitter, YouTube,, and merchandise store accounts. This has been Game of Honor’s Journalist, Diego Cortez, signing out. Have a lovely day everyone and take care!

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