Interview with Game of Honor Junior, Kelly Oxley!

Updated: May 19

On August 2nd, 2019, Game of Honor Show aired season three’s fifteenth episode on their official YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook accounts. The show kicked-off with a co-op Challenge Mode in Naruto Clash of Ninja 2. The participants were Venus and her sister, Rose. Despite being on opposite ends with each other in the past, they were able to walk away victorious. Then, in an interesting turn of events, the GOH World Champion Toxic faced off against the show’s host, Admiral Black in Jump Force. To make matters interesting, Princeton took Admiral’s commentary position for that match. Though Admiral tried his best, Toxic walked away the winner. After the match between Admiral Black and Toxic concluded, Princeton swapped places with Toxic and played an entire cup of Mario Kart: Double Dash against Serena Grimoire.

After racing through three stages, Princeton ended up the victor. Lastly, the show’s final match was in Skyscrappers between Manny and Kelly Oxley for the Pre-Order Bonus. The reason’s because Manny wanted to wager his Pre-Order Bonus for Kelly’s phone number based on a conversation the two had with each other. In a shocking turn of events, Manny came out victorious and walked away with his Pre-Order Bonus briefcase and Kelly’s phone number. Also, we got a small final announcement that Shuriblur’s new GOH stage name will be Matthew Edwards and that he’s still up for a championship match-up with any team on the show.

After that all went down, I had to reach out to the GOH Junior Kelly Oxley for an interview. I asked her many questions regarding her thoughts about her match with Manny, and why she has bad blood for the show’s twins. I also asked her questions concerning her goals, bonds, and training for her previous and future matches. Click here to watch the episode if you missed it.

Diego: How do you feel about your match against Manny for the Pre-Order Bonus?

Kelly: I feel like if it were an actual fighting game like Injustice or Tekken, I would’ve easily won that match.

Did you do any training in preparation for your match with him?

I did not train because it’s Manny. He’s weak and he sucks. That Pre-Order Bonus was almost mine.

What are your thoughts about Rose and Venus as players here at Game of Honor Show? Do you think you and Heather White will be able to defeat them at Final Stage?

I defeated them already in a 1v1 so, I can't imagine the result would be any different when I team up with Heather White.

What is your relationship like with Heather White? Do you think your current relationship with Heather would change when championship opportunities are on the line?

Of course, I see Heather as a threat in the future, but as of right now, we both know what our first steps are going to be. Here is an exclusive for this interview. First, we are going to beat the two trashcans at Final Stage. Then, I want to put Matt Edwards and Nathan Teach on notice. We are coming for you after Final Stage, so keep those championship belts nice and warm for us.

What championship are you aiming for on the show, and why are you specifically targeting that championship over the others?

I originally wanted the GOH Internet championship, but I’ll take what I can get. I don’t mind winning the co-op championships with Heather and then winning the internet title.

What are your thoughts about Game of Honor Show’s World and Internet Champions?

Toxic proved that he’s deserving of that championship. The Brad does a lot of talking but he sure can back it up. Both are great and represent the brand very well.

What game(s) would you love to compete in on Game of Honor Show? Why that/those game(s) in particular?

I am a huge Ape Escape fan, and that game could make for a fun Challenge Mode. I go to the gym four times a week. I'm really into combat sports. I'll love to play some UFC or 2KWWE. Those games are always fun, and I think the viewers will enjoy that.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s competitors or fans out there today?

To the competitors I'll say this, I welcome all challengers. These hands are rated "E" for everyone. For the fans; thank you for the support, and trust me, I hear you.

For more information about Kelly and the other players at Game of Honor Show, be sure to check the “player section” on our website. We also have a support page for those who want to donate to the show. The funds will help the shows’ creators with finance expenses and more. If you want to stay tuned for major GOH news, or if you want to purchase the show’s latest merchandise, be sure to follow Game of Honor’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,, Instagram, and merchandise store accounts. This has been Game of Honor’s Journalist, Diego Cortez, signing out. Have a lovely day everyone and take care!


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