Interview with GOH Alliance Vs. The World Tournament Competitor, Matt Edwards

Updated: May 19

On March 27th, Game of Honor Show aired the final round of the Alliance Vs. the World Tournament. After defeating various opponents on the roster, Corruption 2.0’s Mason and Judas King squared off against the team of Matt Edwards and John Princeton to see which team would eventually face The Alliance (consisting of Kunai and Blackburn) at Gaming Evolve for the GOH CO-OP Championships. After an intense couple of rounds of Lethal League Blaze, Mason and Judas defeated Matt and Princeton and became the new number-one contenders GOH CO-OP Championships. Now, Corruption 2.0 will face The Alliance for their GOH CO-OP Championships at Gaming Evolve.

As always, I decided to catch up with Matt Edwards after his loss and asked him a variety of questions. These questions are regarding his thoughts about losing the CO-OP match, how he trained for it, and what his plans are for this season’s show moving forward. Click here to watch the episode where Corruption 2.0 claimed victory before reading the interview below.

Diego: How do you feel about your co-op match in The Alliance Vs. The World Tournament against Mason and Judas King? Did you train for the match in any-way?

Matt Edwards: I don't think I needed to do any training--considering the trash that entered this tournament. Mason and Judas King got lucky. We all know I'm one of GOH's best players if I get another chance against Corruption 2.0, I know it will go a different way.

What are your thoughts about Corruption 2.0’s Mason and Judas King based on your match with them in the final round of the Alliance Vs. The World Tournament? Do you think the match was a fluke on your part?

Easily, we can all agree that Corruption's victory was a fluke. I've been enduring Corruption's bullsh*t for about four years now. However, this next message is for Mason King, "MONEY CAN'T BUY SKILL!" Mason might be able to buy a lot of things, but actual-talent-and-skill are out of his reach. As for Judas, I just see him as Mason's carry-on, and nothing more.

What are your thoughts about Princeton as a solo-competitor or teammate on the show? Would you be willing to work together with him in the future or did your recent loss convince you that it’s best to shoot his future offers down?

I’d rather ride solo, for now. I feel like I was held back by Princeton during this tournament. If you watch the matches, closely, you’ll see that I was the lone survivor in every round.

What are your thoughts about Mason King stealing the Corruption name from Princeton and rebranding it as his own?

I could care less about Corruption. I don't see what the big deal is for them. They need a team because they are all worthless when they are alone.

Do you believe Lethal League Blaze was a good choice for the match? If not, what game do you think would’ve been better to play Corruption 2.0 in and why?

I actually-like Lethal League Blaze. If I had a better partner, I could've easily won that match.

Despite losing to Corruption 2.0, what are your thoughts about your previous matches in the tournament against Beauty & The Gnome and Airstrike?

Those last two rounds were so easy! Scrubs! Hahaha, but it felt so good getting the one-up on 5kull5.

Do you ever plan to form another group, or do you feel “riding solo” is the best option for you going forward?

Riding-solo is going to be my plan for now. Like I say, it's all about M.E., Matt Edwards. I like it better this way.

What other championships are you setting your sights on in case you end up winning the Pre-Order Bonus? Are you interested in taking Manny’s open challenge at Gaming Evolve for his GOH Internet Championship?”

Well Diego, as you know, I'm a contender for the Pre-Order Bonus--so that in-itself is going get me a championship. Watch out, Toxic, I'm coming for you. Afterward, I'll take Manny's championship away from him and bring him back to his mommy.

Are there any last comments you’d like to share with the Game of Honor Show fanbase watching at home and for the players competing this season? If so, what would you like to tell them?

Mason and Judas may be facing The Alliance for the GOH CO-OP Championships at Gaming Evolve, but I'd like to remind everyone that it's all about M.E. and that Pre-Order Bonus. That's all I got to say.

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