Interview with GOH Competitor, John Princeton

Updated: May 19

Like many other companies, the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic has tampered with Game of Honor Show's plans to a degree regarding recording and being unable to visit the arena. However, the show's staff and competitors are determined to do whatever it takes to make sure fans are entertained and not left in the dust. A competitor who is working on this is Game of Honor Show's demi-god, John Princeton. Princeton is working on a multiple of shows that fans can look forward to viewing outside of the typical GOH episodes. Some have been going on for a while, yet, Princeton has secret shows in mind for the company's current content line-up. 

As always, I decided to interview Princeton about the current shows the company is offering--like Shocking Truth, Pokemon of Honor, etc. I also asked him questions regarding GOH's progress, future collaborations, and if he was willing to share any information about new shows he has planned for the company. Before reading the interview, be sure to familiarize yourself with these new showings over at the Game of Honor Show website or YouTube page

Diego: What are your thoughts about the current game shows you have created thus far--besides GOH?

Princeton: I'm very excited about the game shows' reception they've been getting--especially for Shocking TruthShocking Truth's theme-song-and-logo was ready-to-go for about two years now, however, --I didn't want to release the series without prep time. 

Since "Shocking Truth" seems to be following a tournament bracket-style format, what will the overall winner get out of it, or is it just for the laughs?

Originally it was just for laughs, but now I'm thinking of putting a price on the line. I don't know--I might do like a Quiznos gift card--or something.

Why do you believe GOH or POH fans should watch the Shocking Truth? Do you plan to get other GOH players (fans may not expect) onboard--despite the current worldwide circumstances with COVID-19?

I believe that everything I touch when it comes to content creating should be to take people away from their stressful life. If I can entertain at-least ten people with my work, then honestly--mission accomplished. Covid-19 has been the anime villain of the year, and I'm here to Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda that stress away from my viewers. The next set of Shocking Truth contestants for the next bracket will all be new people that have not been a part of the first Shocking Truth season. 

When can fans expect "Shocking Truth" merchandise--since the other shows like Papa's Diner and POH have merchandise available for anyone to purchase today?

You know what? I haven't considered merchandising Shocking Truth yet. A good idea, my dude! >;)

What is your take on the feedback you've received from POH's players from season one to season three? Do you plan to expand upon the competition's battle format?

What I learned about Pokemon of Honor is that regardless of what we do, people will find a way to complain. However, we are going to lower how much time and effort goes into POH since it's not a passion. We've put a lot-of-work into season two and three of POH, but the feedback was not the greatest. It was mostly negative--so I sat down with the group and decided that at the end of the day, POH is not what I want to be known for as a content creator. I would much rather work hard on my own-original projects than on something like Pokemon of Honor.

Are there any plans to have GOH or POH "further intertwine"--outside of having GOH competitors be Elite Four Members for different seasons? For example, would you love to have a future POH Champion join the GOH player roster?

I saw a hashtag--the other day on Twitter that said #ILL4GOH if it was up to me, I say sure but Admiral being the owner is the one that gets to decide that. Also, Blaze is a great, very-smart-guy, and a phenomenal father. If anybody deserves a GOH contract, it's my boy Cerberus Blaze! I hope he gets one, honestly. If ILL and Blaze get into GOH--then they will be the first to go from POH to GOH.

Since some content creators are collaborating with the company, can fans expect others to do the same in the future? Furthermore, which YouTuber, Twitch streamer, etc. would you love to collaborate with for the company's programs?

I would love Damian Haas to be a part of the Shocking Truth! Another person I would love to collaborate with would be Pewdiepie. Can you imagine having Pewdiepie show up on Game of Honor Show? It'd be amazing! Also, it's no secret that I want Neekolul on the Game of Honor Show! Heck, if I can get her attention, I would love her to be on Shocking Truth

Wait! I have one more, lol. Ian Hecox is another person I'd love to have on Game of Honor Show and Life Sucks Podcast!

Do you have any secret game shows planned for the company? Why should fans tune in to these secret game shows, and not overlook them?

I have a total of five game shows that will be coming in Winter 2020. I'm very excited to release these projects, but like they say, "slow and steady wins the race." I have five original ideas that fans will love, and I know they will get behind each show. I'll start posting sneak peeks on the Game of Honor Show Patreon. Next week I will be showing a new logo for one of the shows on Patreon!

Do you have any final comments you wish to address to the GOH audience, players, or staff currently?

I'll set a warning to both the staff and players of Game of Honor Show. Nobody is safe from these shows! As you saw, Admiral Black was in episode two of Shocking Truth. So, you can hide--but you can't run! I'll be seeing you guys in Winter 2020 more often.

For more information about Game of Honor Show’s other side projects, be sure to check GOH’s website. We also have a support page for those who want to donate to the show. The funds will help the shows’ creators with finance expenses and more. If you want to stay updated on major GOH news, purchase the show’s latest merchandise, be sure to follow Game of Honor’s, and merchandise store accounts. This is Game of Honor Show's sole journalist, Diego Cortez, signing out. Have a lovely day!

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