Interview with Game of Honor Junior, Heather White!

Updated: May 19

Last Friday, Game of Honor Show aired the tenth episode of their 3 season on their official YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch account. The show was pretty packed this week as the events grew larger and larger as the episode went on. The first match was a loot box challenge match-up that pitted GOH juniors Adrian Von Tesla, Big Dad, and Heather White against each other in a game called SpeedRunners. Adrian Von Tesla was the victor and won a chance to face the current GOH World Champion in a few weeks. As for the other two, Big Dad won 40 experience points and Heather White won a “Manny ‘The Destroyer’ T-shirt.” The next major event was the Pre-Order Bonus match-up—where “the winner (…) is rewarded with the Pre-Order Bonus Briefcase, which contains a contract stating that the player may replace another player in a championship match of their choosing.” The participants were Blackburn, Kawaii Britt, Kunai, and Manny. The game they played was called Extreme Exorcism. Manny walked away the victor and new owner of “the Pre-Order Bonus Briefcase.”

To begin the championship matches, Game of Honor Show held a GOH Co-Op Championship match between CAS and a partner of his choice (who we later find out is GOH’s former camera operator, Ace Ramos) versus the current GOH Co-Op Champions Beyond Good and Evil (Nathan Teach and Shuriblur). They competed in the game titled Lethal League Blaze, and with their combined strength, Beyond Good and Evil retained their championships and defeated CAS and Ace Ramos. For the show’s main event, they aired a match between Mason King and Toxic for the GOH World Championship. Both competitors duked it out in the game My Hero: One’s Justice. The competitors were neck and neck—each claiming a round after the other. However, thanks to one final blow, Toxic defeated Mason King and retained the GOH World Championship. This, alongside some shocking segments behind the scenes, concludes the recap of last Friday’s eventful episode.

On the other hand, I want to bring you all back to the first match-up for a second. The reason’s because I recently spoke with Heather White after her debut match yesterday. I asked her a variety of questions that I believe many fans will want to know the answers too. These questions are regarding her thoughts about that match, her training regime for the loot box challenge, her opinions about some of the GOH champions and players, and what she likes to do outside of Game of Honor. Click here to watch the episode where Heather White made her bid debut in Game of Honor Show.

Diego: How did you feel about your debut match at Game of Honor?

Heather: I felt the match was a good one. However, I never played that game and I had a learning curve. I downloaded the game and started practicing.

How did you train for the loot box challenge match?

I didn’t do much training. I thought I was doing a normal 1v1—so I practiced [by playing] Mortal Kombat 11, Mario Kart, and Spyro.

How did you feel during your match against Big Dad and Adrian Von Tesla?

Going into it, I felt confident at first. As the match went on, I started getting frustrated, and Big Dad p***ed me off because he is the reason why I lost.

During one of the commercial breaks, you were seen arguing with Big Dad. Why do you believe he’s responsible for making you lose the loot box challenge match?

Big Dad is completely responsible because I had Adrian Von Tesla in my sights. I knew how to take him down, however, Big Dumb*** got in my way! I could had easily won that!

When Admiral handed you the final loot box, why did you react the way you did to the prize inside?

Honestly, I hated that I got some noobs shirt. I think the shirt was based on a guy named, Danny? When I saw Adrian get a shot at the GOH World Championship, I got excited about what my box would have. But then when I opened it, I felt I got f**ked over when I got a sh***y shirt.

Since we established your feelings toward Big Dad, are there any players you got your eye on? Is there anyone that you believe has hidden potential besides yourself?

I got my eye on those twins that walk around like they have something to be proud of. They p**s me off. When it comes to hidden potential, I’ll say Kelly Oxley is someone I believe, has hidden potential. She requested and told me that I should join GOH. I saw this girl play games, and she is a monster. I can’t wait for GOH to see more of her.

What current GOH championship do you want a shot at the most? What are your thoughts about the current title holder of that GOH championship that you want?

I would love to hold any championship. Let me keep it real with you: The co-op champions are no threat. I feel like I can easily take down both, by myself, and hold those belts as my own.

We touched briefly upon the twins in one of your responses and as you may know, one of them is a-part of GOH’s well-known group called Corruption. What are your thoughts about Corruption?

I heard and seen a bit of Corruption. I got to say their leader is an egotistical maniac. I don’t see how that group of delinquents has gotten this far. But, I feel bad for Mason King because he has huge potential.

Based on some feedback from last Friday’s episode, it appears some are underestimating you. What’s your response to that?

That’s easy. If the other players underestimate me, I promise you, they will regret it when I get announced the winner in my next match. I can’t wait for my next match. I’m going to show the Honor-verse that Heather White isn’t somebody to f**k with.

Outside of Game of Honor, what are your favorite hobbies or activities?

I’m a huge Overwatch player, and I’m really into animals. I love my dog, Molly. I also recently got into MMA too.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s competitors or fans out there today? If so, what is that? If not, why?

Yes, I do. If you want to interact with me, send me pictures of your pets! I love seeing people with their pets. :)

For more information about Heather White, other GOH juniors, or the veteran players at Game of Honor Show, be sure to check the “player section” of our website. We also have a support page for those who want to donate to the show. The funds will help the shows’ creators with finance expenses and more. If you want to stay tuned for major GOH news, or if you want to purchase the show’s latest merchandise, be sure to follow Game of Honor’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,, and merchandise store accounts. This has been Game of Honor’s Journalist, Diego Cortez, signing out. Have a lovely day everyone and take care!

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