Interview with new Game of Honor Junior, Judas King!

Updated: May 19

On October 11th, 2019, Game of Honor Show aired the show’s season finale titled, “Final Stage 3” on their official YouTube,, and Facebook accounts to end off the show’s third season. Many matches had some surprising twists, but one of these twists that fans did not anticipate was GOH Junior, Judas’s King’s debut during Final Stage 3’s 4-Honor Match. Fans were met with surprising news that this new Junior was the younger brother of former GOH World Champion, Mason King. Judas didn’t disappoint as he claimed his first victory on the show by defeating former GOH commentator 5KULL5, and GOH juniors Adrian Von Tesla and Martin Marros in SuperBombermanR. He also earned himself a level-up thanks to Final Stage’s rules and now sits at level two. For a first match, Judas King proved himself. He can potentially end up becoming a dominant force at Game of Honor Show like his brother, Mason King. But we’ll have to wait for Game of Honor Show’s fourth season to air to find out if he’ll truly live up to the “King” name.

After Final Stage 3, I reached out to Judas King for an interview. I asked him many questions regarding his thoughts about the 4-Honor match and what influenced him to join the Game of Honor roster. I also asked him questions concerning his current goals, thoughts on GOH’s current player roster, and how he’ll handle competing with his older brother in a future match. Click here to watch the episode if you missed it.

Diego: How do you feel about your first match here at Game of Honor Show? Did you train for the match, or were you confident that’d you defeat the other three players in the match?

Judas: I feel like my first match left a huge impact on this company. I didn’t even bother training for it. I’ve watched the show for the last three years and honestly there is no talent better than me.

What influenced you to become a player on Game of Honor Show?

Watching my big brother (Mason) on TV was cool. The first year when Game of Honor came out, me and Mason would watch the show. One day he just says "wanna see me become the world champion" and he did just that. Now I feel like it's my turn.

What can you bring to Game of Honor Show that will make you stand out from your brother, Mason King? How do you plan to make a name for yourself?

I have an energy that differs from Mason. He is calculated and plans way ahead. Me, I like to seize the moment and take advantage of a situation or opportunity.

How would you react if Admiral Black gives you a match against your brother, Mason King? Would you be able to handle yourself and defeat your brother if a championship opportunity was on the line?

My relationship with Mason was built on CO-OP games and games where we would play against each other. When a match between Mason vs myself occurs, I promise you it will be a Final Stage Caliber match. Depending on what the game is for that match, it could go any direction.

What championship(s) interests you the most on the show? How do you plan to get the attention of the current championship holders on Game of Honor Show?

I'm split between wanting the Co-Op and the Internet Championship. Manny seems like an easy target to be real. I might play mind games with him and trick him into a match.

What are your thoughts and/or feelings about the current GOH World Champion, Toxic?

Toxic is a force right now. I really thought Princeton was going walk out champion after Final Stage 3. I don’t have a decent opinion on him yet. But this coming year I'm sure we will bump paths.

Do you have any plans to form “your own” group on the show? If so, then who do you have in mind to be a part of this future team? Or is your mind set on becoming a future member of Corruption to avoid the hassle?

I'd like to make a team called, “Kings Landing” in the future. But I can see myself joining Corruption. At the same time, I can build myself up and learn from the best before doing my own thing.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s competitors or fans out there today before the next season of Game of Honor Show airs?

Don’t take me lightly because of my age nor background. I am GOH’s greatest acquisition and don’t ever forget that.

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