Interview with the Game of Honor Show’s Internet Champion, The Brad!

Updated: May 19

On May 14, 2019, Corruption’s leader John Princeton was given permission by Game of Honor Show’s host, Admiral Black, to host three short Corruption Takeover episodes. However, he was required to have have the current GOH World Champion, Toxic, be his guest commentator for those three shows. The shows occurred on May 17th, May 24th, and May 31st. Furthermore, each show featured the GOH Internet Champion, The Brad, defending his championship against three players. These players were CAS, Kunai, and Shuriblur. However, Shuriblur was the only player who wasn’t initially planned to take on Brad. When he interrupted Brad and Kunai’s title match in Bomberman R, Princeton allowed Shuriblur to be Brad’s final opponent. After accepting Shuriblur’s challenge during his bout with Kunai, Brad was confident that he’d walk away the GOH Internet Champion during the third show.

On May 31st, 2019, Game of Honor Show’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch account aired the final Corruption Takeover episode hosted by Princeton and Toxic. The only event showcased during this episode was Brad and Shuriblur’s match in Brawlout for the GOH Internet Championship. Though both players gave it their all, Brad defeated Shuriblur and retained his GOH Internet Championship. Thus, ending the three-week Corruption Takeover shows with a bang!

I want to share some exciting insight with you all that I attained from an interview with Game of Honor Show’s Internet Champion, The Brad. I asked him a couple of questions that I believe many fans will want to know the answers too. These questions lean toward his thoughts about the matches and his preparation for them. I also ask about his thoughts on Toxic and Princeton—alongside the games he wants to see appear on the show more. Without further ado, here’s the latest interview.

Diego: What were your thoughts about your past three matches during Princeton’s Corruption Takeover shows?

The Brad: I mean, I had plans and "college stuff" to do so they were kind of inconvenient. But real talk, the episodes focused the most on me and I dig that A LOT! 😎

Three matches are a lot for anyone to handle—especially a champion like yourself, how did you prepare for your matches against CAS, Kunai, and Shuriblur? Did you even prepare at all? Did any of them push you to your limits? If so, who? If not, why?

Okay uhhhh...Nah dude! I didn’t struggle at all when I took on those nerds! Shuriblur was SUCH A LOSER! 😂😂😂 I thought Kunai might stab me but he's weird. And CAS is just CAS so...🤷🏿‍♂️ easy pease.

After successfully defending your title against CAS, Kunai, and Shuriblur, do you still feel bitter about Princeton forcing you to defend your GOH Internet Championship for these past three shows? Or, do you feel being forced to defend your GOH Internet Championship helped you make a statement to those who look down upon you?

Huh... guess I never thought about that. Yeah, yeah let's go with that. The showing off my skills thing. Can't mess with me, bro!

During his short interview with Admiral, Shuriblur stated that he wants a rematch against you for the GOH Internet Championship? What’s your take on that? Does he deserve another shot at the title or do you want a new challenger?

Yeah, I heard him complaining about how much he sucks. Look, I will always take on any scrub who earns it. As far as I'm concerned, he didn't deserve the match with me in the first place. He didn't earn it, he just annoyed the crew into giving him a shot. And see what happened??

If he can win his way into facing me again, sure. Let's brawl! But real talk, give me Toxic! Dude's a beast and looks like the only real competition for me right now!

What are your thoughts about Game of Honor Show’s current GOH World Champion, Toxic. What were your thoughts about him before you faced off against CAS? Did any of your previous thoughts about Toxic change after you defeated Shuriblur?

Not even a little bit! Think about this. What if GOH had a movie poster like Marvel’s Infinity War & Endgame posters? I'm Ironman and Toxic is Captain America. Then there's the rest of them, all small and stuff at the bottom. EXCEPT BLACK PANTHER! I'm him too! Me and Toxic are the “2” top tier boys. Let's “Civil War” this game and bring the entertainment!

After your interview with Admiral, you were shown speaking with Princeton because he was offering his respect to you as a champion. Did you take away anything from that specific conversation with Princeton regarding your “champion” status? Do you believe you deserve to have the GOH Internet Championship?

Yo dawg, so watching it back, I think he got hella offended for no reason. I was just speaking facts! But regardless, props to him being a cool dude for once and not acting like a douche. Anyway, yeah, I definitely deserve the Internet Belt! I've won EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 MATCH since I dropped that dead weight of a co-op partner. No one deserves this belt more than me.

We all know that you were once a member of GNOME University with your former friend, Chad Stryker. Do you ever plan to team up with another player on the show again? Did Chad’s termination on the show effect you in any-way?

Well, I don't "plan" to. But, I mean, if one of the new hot juniors wants to team up with me—I might consider [the partnership]. Like Kelly Oxley!? I'd be down for that partnership 😉 or maybe someone new and cool. Like if you guys can get Terry Crews on the show?? You all BETTER partner me up with him. As far as Chad's termination goes, I guess it did affect me, for the better. I mean again... I win every match.

You’ve played many games on the show, but I’m curious, are there any games out there today that you’d like to see make an appearance on the show?

I've already told Admiral I want a Challenge Mode of Cuphead! I know I'm usually the FPS guy, but I'm a GOD at Cuphead! They also didn't give me a chance for Monster Hunter, but Dauntless is here now! So gimme that! You’ve seen how good I do with games I'm not familiar with. Wait until they have me play a game that’s in my element and you’ll see what I’m truly capable of.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s players or fans out there today?

If I had to say anything to the viewers, I'd say, “Gaming is Life, Be Yourself Unless Yourself Sucks, and Blue Gatorade is the best. Cool Blue, not Glacier Freeze!”

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