Interview with the Game of Honor World Champion, Toxic!

Updated: May 19

On October 11th, 2019, Game of Honor Show aired the show’s season finale titled, “Final Stage 3” on their official YouTube,, and Facebook accounts to end off the show’s third season. As stated with the previous interviews with Manny and Judas King, there was a lot for fans to look forward too. With that said, the GOH champions may’ve felt a bit stressed about this huge event considering all the championships were being defended at Final Stage 3. Shockingly, only one of these champions walked away with a victory and successfully defended their championship. That champion was the GOH World Champion, Toxic in his championship match against the Demi-God John Princeton in For Honor. Both players fought well, but Toxic showed the world why he’s the show’s champion and defeated John Princeton. Since two championships changed hands before his match, the pressure was on for the GOH World Champion, Toxic. For all the #ToxicTakeover fans, it looks like he won’t be letting go of his GOH World Championship any-time soon.

After Final Stage 3, I reached out to Toxic for an interview. I asked him many questions regarding his thoughts about the GOH World Championship Match. I also asked him questions concerning his goals, thoughts on his opponent for the match, John Princeton, and what he thinks about the old and new players on the show. Click here to watch the episode if you missed it.

Diego: How do you feel about your championship match at Final Stage 3? Did you train for the match, or were you confident that’d you defeat John Princeton?

Toxic: I feel great about the match. Honestly, I think could’ve performed a little better, but I still came out on top. Yes, I did train for Final Stage 3. I believe that hard work really makes a difference. I felt super confident going into the match. I thought I prepared well, and I believe the outcome shows that.

What are your thoughts about your opponent at Final Stage 3, John Princeton? What are your thoughts about the recent developments with Corruption?

Princeton to me has always been someone to look out for. In a sense, he seems to always be up to something. Now don’t get me wrong, he has his moments where he can be a “good guy,” but it seems like he always has a goal. As for Corruption, I believe it’s being taken away from Princeton—right under his feet. I kind-of feel bad but it’s not surprising. Things just haven’t worked out for them in a while and it seems each member has a different goal in mind now. If that means they must go their separate ways, so be it. I hope they all find what they’re looking for.

When The Brad and Matthew Edwards lost their championships at Final Stage 3, did it impact you in anyway? If so, in what way? If not, then what advice would you give to them?

I wouldn’t say that their matches impacted me. I mean, it took me by surprise that Manny went for the GOH Internet Championship instead of my GOH World Championship. I’m not sure what Manny’s thinking all the time. And I kind-of saw Matt’s loss coming. For him to think he could defend the co-op titles in a handicap match… I guess that just speaks more about his ego than anything. As for advice, I would tell The Brad to work back up and train hard so that he can gain his GOH Internet Championship back. He has the potential and was a great champion. He just needs to do a reset and get back to the top. For Matt, he needs to get his ego in check and realize that he isn’t the best in the business. He also has the potential to do great things in my opinion.

What are your thoughts about the new GOH Co-Op Champions and Internet Champion? What are your thoughts about Manny’s comments toward you in his latest interview?

I believe “The Alliance” was a matchup no one saw coming. However, they’re both strong players individually and now that they’re a team, I think they will reign as the Co-op Champions for quite some-time. On the other hand, I considered Manny a friend until I saw your recent interview with him. Since he thinks he’s untouchable now that “friendship” is out the window. He couldn’t get a championship through hard-work and climbing to an actual championship match. So, Manny had to get it the only way he could, by taking someone else’s hard-work and doing literally nothing to get that championship. All he had to do was press one-button to “win” a championship. It’s disgusting. Since he thinks he’s so-good now and wants to become an Epic Champion by defeating me for my GOH World Championship, let him try. It’s nothing but thought. He can think all he wants, but until he puts his GOH Internet Championship on-the-line and defends it, as I have, I’m not worried one bit about him.

Do you believe Judas King has what it takes to outshine his brother Mason King on Game of Honor Show? From what we’ve seen, what are your thoughts about his potential as a player on the show?

I definitely-think he has potential to make a name for himself, but it’s going take some serious dedication. From what it looks like, I don’t know if he’ll take any of this seriously. I think he had a lot handed to him and hasn’t had to work for something very hard. To outshine Mason, it’s going take a lot of effort. As much as I don’t like the guy, he put in some serious work to get where he’s at. If I didn’t come along and take him down, I think in all honesty, Mason would still be the GOH World Champion. To be brief, I think Judas’s another rich e-boy who wants to be famous without doing a lot. However, I could be wrong. He could do some big things on the show.

What’s your game plan for Game of Honor Show’s fourth season? Are you aiming for another championship, forming an alliance, or focusing on successfully defending your GOH World Championship against future opponents?

Honestly, I’m going to try and do everything we talked about earlier. I would love to become Game of Honor Show’s first “Epic Champion.” But I also understand the work I need to put in to do said task. It would be challenging but I believe if things align right it could happen. As for an alliance, I’ve been trying to figure out who would be a good fit. There are options, but people have their own reasons for joining the show and competing. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone’s dreams or hinder their goals by side-tracking them. But my number one priority at this point and moving into season four is to defend and continue to reign as GOH’s World Champion.

How did you celebrate after your GOH World Championship Match at Final Stage 3?

I didn’t do anything too extravagant. I had dinner and some drinks with some friends. I also decided it was time for a little vacation, so I took some-time for myself and went to the Bahamas for some R&R.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s competitors and fans out there today before the next season of Game of Honor Show airs?

Definitely! To all GOH’s fans, thank you!! Whole heartedly, thank you for your support and being a part of our adventure. Please continue to watch, interact, and help us grow as we continue to do our best to bring you the best show and competition we can.

To my fellow competitors, best of luck in the upcoming season. I look forward to working with you all. I hope this is our best season yet. I’m looking forward to the challenges that some of you will give me!

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