Interview with the Inaugural GOH Player One Champion, El Gallo Azteca

Updated: May 17

Like many other companies this year, the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic tampered with Game of Honor Show's Final Stage 4 plans to a degree regarding matchups that should have taken place. However, GOH's staff and competitors made sure fans were entertained and not left in the dust. One example being the Inaugural GOH Player One Championship Mask Vs. Mask match featuring El Gallo Azteca and Stigma in the video game My Hero One's Justice. Not only was the new championship on the line, but the loser must remove their mask. Although both competitors gave it their all, El Gallo Azteca managed to defeat Stigma and became the Inaugural GOH Player One Champion. On a side note, Stigma turned out to be Ill—who was Admiral's rival from the GOH side gaming show, Pokémon of Honor.

On the other hand, I decided to interview El Gallo Azteca about his victory over Stigma at Final Stage 4. I also asked him questions regarding how he trained for the match, what he felt during the matchup, and how he celebrated his victory over Stigma after the event concluded. Click here to watch this epic match in its entirety.

Diego: What are your thoughts about becoming the Inaugural GOH Player One Champion? Did you celebrate with your peers after the match?

Azteca: I am still pinching myself, total disbelief that this happened. I decided to go back home and celebrate with the tribe. We had a lot of ceremonial dances, food and having a blast. But when Game of Honor returns, I will do my best to keep this championship.

How did you train or prep for your match at Final Stage 4? Did you feel any stress when duking it out with Stigma? If not, then why?

Knowing that Stigma was undefeated was stressful enough. I lost some matches--so there was a gap in our record, but I knew I couldn't hold anything back. We didn't know what game we were going to compete in until that day, but ironically, I've been playing My Hero One's Justice 2 for a couple of weeks no--so I feel I had a huge advantage.

What are your thoughts about your opponent, Stigma as a player here at Game of Honor Show? Do you believe that you will encounter more problems with Stigma in GOH’s future?

I hope I'm done--with Stigma. I will like to steer clear from Corruption. Those guys seem to be trouble. I think Stigma has phenomenal skills and has a ton of potential--but aligning himself with the wrong people has distorted his vision and motivation.

What are your thoughts about Corruption? How do you plan to deal with the other members if they decide to make you one of their targets in the GOH seasons ahead?

I'm learning that a big part of GOH is people teaming up. The best way to repel corruption is going to be by somebody else creating a different faction. If that were to happen, I would love to be a part of it. Corruption's filled with people with talent, but their method of doing stuff is way off. It's a shame, honestly.

What does your mask represent, and why is it a precious item to you? Would you ever put your "mask"--on the line again, or was that match with Stigma a one and done deal?

My mask represents a lot to me, Honor, heritage, and above all else, a competitive spirit is a part of that representation. The mask I wear allows me to express myself and show off my competitive roots while being able to keep my identity a secret. I probably won't be putting my mask on the line in the future, but you can never say never in GOH. This mask has been through three generations in my family.

Besides that, there’s also a chance that Venus may cash in her Pre-Order Bonus during one of your future matches at Game of Honor Show? How will you prepare for that outcome if she ever decides to go through with doing said action against you?

Venus is a person to keep an eye on. Not only is she a former Game of Honor Internet Champion, but she is the current holder of the Pre-Order Bonus. After seeing the damage Manny made with the Pre-Order Bonus, I learned that there might not be a way to prepare. All I can do is play my best and hope that she goes for another championship.

Do you have any intent on going after any other GOH championships on the show? If so, which championships interest you? If not, then why?

I would love to go for the GOH Internet Championship. I want to work my way up to the GOH World Championship too. I think a match with Kawaii Britt with our championships on the line would be a phenomenal match that the fans can sink their teeth into. The only GOH championship that would be difficult to chase would be the GOH Co-op Championships since I haven't made many friends here yet.

What are your thoughts about the new GOH World Champion, Cerberus Blaze? Do you think his victory over Toxic sent a message to all the players that GOH Juniors are a force to be reckoned with, or do you think he got lucky?

Cerberus Blaze is a great guy. I met him a couple of times before GOH. Blaze beating Toxic was shocking--the entire backstage area was so silent--everybody was so shocked and quiet. Even Princeton uttered the words "He became world champion before me?" very quietly. Cerberus Blaze has been one of the coolest reveals I have seen yet. He is evidence that regardless of "Junior" title or not--anything can happen in GOH.

Do you have any final comments you wish to address to the GOH audience, players, or staff currently?

All I have to say is "Ma cualli ohtli Cualli yohualli Ma xicochi" (Good luck and Good Night)!

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