Interview with the new GOH World Champion, Venus!

Updated: May 17

Despite COVID-19 still affecting companies during the new year, GOH hasn't given up on delivering great content for its fanbase. To fans' surprise, this recent episode of Game Of Honor's season five showing left many fans in shock by the events that occurred during its main event. During this Game of Honor Show episode, the main event featured the reigning GOH World Champion, Cerberus Blaze, putting his championship on the line against the former GOH World Champion, Toxic in, the anime fighting game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Despite Toxic getting closer to winning his championship, Forsaken's AhoyPrinceton presented Admiral Black with the Pre-Order Bonus contract that allowed Venus to win the title for herself. Despite Cerberus Blaze giving it everything he had in the match, Venus defeated him and became the new and first-ever female GOH World Champion. Not only that, but AhoyPrinceton revealed that Venus and her sister joined Forsaken's ranks, ending the show with a major-bang for many fans.

On the other hand, I decided to interview Venus about her victory over Cerberus Blaze. I also asked her questions regarding her thoughts about becoming the first female GOH World Champion, why she and Rose decided to join Forsaken, and if she'll ever host an open challenge for anyone to compete for her GOH World Championship. Be sure to watch the recent episode of Game of Honor Show before diving into this interview.

Diego: What are your thoughts about becoming the new GOH World Champion? How did you celebrate with your sister Rose after the match, considering you the first female player to become the GOH World Champion?

Venus: Since day one that I won the Pre-Order Bonus, I knew 100% that I was aiming for this championship. Honestly, this belt looks amazing on me. I decided not to celebrate and keep practicing and training. Now that I have the big gold, I intend to keep it.

What are your thoughts about the former GOH World Champion Cerberus Blaze and the other members of RPG? Do you agree with their tactics in trying to protect Blaze from losing his championship to you through the Pre-Order Bonus?

Cerberus Blaze is easily one of the best here in Game of Honor. I mean, look at the guy; easily defeated Toxic at Final Stage 4. I knew I had to pull an ultimate strategy to get my hands on Cerberus Blaze. The first time I tried to cash in the Pre-Order Bonus Aggro was a huge-problem, just as I suspected. Cerberus Blaze had RPG protecting him, and if I can be, honest that was a smart strategy. I had to 1up the situation to get my hands on this championship.

Do you feel any sorrow or regret for using your Pre-order Bonus to win the GOH World Championship against Blaze? Do you plan to use similar tactics--RPG used when they tried safeguarding the title for Blaze?

I don't feel any sorrow or regret at all. I worked hard to win the Pre-Order Bonus. I feel no shame the-way I won this championship. On the contrary, I feel proud about how I won it, and joining Forsaken and having a couple of extra hands and brains to help execute that moment was-amazing. One thing that comes to mind is that whoever the next Pre-Order Bonus holder is, he/she will be dangerous, but I just got to make sure that when they cash in, I'll still win my match and walk out a champion.

What are your thoughts about Toxic's message from the last show regarding wanting his championship back? Do you believe you can retain your GOH World Championship against him if you were in a title match against him?

Toxic was the MAN here in Game of Honor. For the last couple of years, it has always been about the #TOXICTAKEOVER, but his time is over. If he wants a shot, then I welcome it. I will retain and face the next challenger as a champion does.

What are your thoughts about Forsaken's members AhoyPrinceton and Matt Edwards? What convinced you and your sister to join his team and not others like Corruption?

Princeton talked to us a year ago about the possibility of joining a new Faction he had in the making at the time, I was not so sure, but as I saw Forsaken growing, my interest started to grow as well. I know Princeton and Rose have good synergy. Matt Edwards and Princeton have shown that they are in the MT. Rushmore of Game of Honor. After they defeated Corruption, I knew this was the faction to join. Forsaken has much promise, and it's not as chaotic as Corruption. I believe Rose and I made the right choices.

Do you or your sister have plans to go after any other championships at Game of Honor Show like the GOH Co-op Championships despite being members of Forsaken now?

Now that I am in a faction, I understand the power of team-work. Matt Edwards and Princeton can hold the co-op division by themselves. Rose, however, has been very keen on the Internet championship. Maybe we could see a match with Rose vs. Kawaii Britt? I would love to see all of Forsaken with different championship belts.

Do you ever plan to set-up an open challenge opportunity for your GOH World Championship? Is there any player at Game of Honor Show that you'd like to defend your GOH World Championship against for this season's Final Stage?

I don't mind doing an open challenge now and then. Just don't get used to it. If anybody wants a chance at my World Championship, then climb the ladder and earn a match.

Now that I am the Queen of Game of Honor, I think it would be very fitting that I faced none other than Mason King. If I could go against him in a match, I would beat Mason, which would look great on my resume.

Do you have any final comments you wish to address to the GOH audience, players, or staff currently?

Now that I am champion, I need an opponent for Gaming Evolve, so I will get with Admiral Black about creating 'The Queendom Tournament" I want to have Admiral grab random players and create a bracket. I will face the winner of this tournament at Gaming Evolve for the World Championship. If Admiral approves of this, then my opponent might be very interesting. Lets hope Admiral approves of this idea.

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