Interview with the Pre-Order Bonus Winner, Venus

Updated: May 17

On May 8th, 2020, Game of Honor Show premiered Gaming Evolve, a new event for the show. There were plenty of great twists and outcomes this time around. One worth noting was Gaming Evolve's 4-Honor Match in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Home-Run Contest game mode--where the winner would walk away with the Pre-Order Bonus. The players that competed in this 4-Honor Match were Matt Edwards, El Gallo Azteca, Kawaii Britt, and Venus. Despite the odds against her in the match, Venus defeated Matt Edwards, El Gallo Azteca, and Kawaii Britt and walked away with the Pre-Order Bonus.

As always, I decided to interview Venus about the Pre-Order Bonus matchup. I asked her many questions regarding how she prepared for the match and her plans moving forward. Click here to watch the episode where Venus won the Pre-Order Bonus before reading the interview below.

Diego: What are your thoughts about your 4-Honor Match against Matt Edwards, Kawaii Britt, and El Gallo Azteca for the Pre-Order Bonus? How did you prepare for the match?

Venus: My thoughts were, "If I want to be champion again, I got to win this," and I didn't expect the match's game to be Super Smash Bros. home-run contest mode. So, I was a bit nervous honestly--but as we all saw, I won the match. About a month ago, I was at a party, and they were playing the homerun contest mode from Super Smash Bros.--so I got a lot of practice in at that time.

What do you think about the three players above who competed against you for the Pre-Order Bonus? Did you expect to walk away victorious, or did you feel like there was a chance you wouldn't win?

Kawaii Britt is cool, and she's always been a sweetheart and a good friend. Azteca is very polite and a great competitor. Matt Edwards is so egotistical that it's amazing how he can't back up his claims that come out of his mouth. I knew my biggest obstacle was going to be Azteca, but when I noticed the low-level of interaction needed in the game, I knew I had secured the victory.

How did your sister Rose feel after you won the match? Was she jealous in any way?

Nope, Rose and I have become such a great team! She was so happy for me. Together we are looking into what is the best path now that I own the Pre-Order bonus.

Why did you decide not to cash-in the Pre-Order Bonus during Manny's GOH Internet Championship match against Scarlet Con? Are you setting your sights on Toxic's GOH World Championship?

Manny is a great competitor, but he's also an easy target right now. Toxic is my main focus. As I said, I will be the first female GOH World Champion.

What are your thoughts about Corruption 2.0 and their match against The Alliance (Kunai & Blackburn) for the GOH CO-OP Championships? Do you and your sister plan on taking on Mason and Judas King for those championships in the future?

Rose and I thought about the possibility of being CO-OP champions, but everything is on the table right now. I may dislike the old Corruption group, but I hate the new Corruption even more. I didn't think it could get worse, but Mason showed everybody--that he can expand expectations.

How did you celebrate your victory after your match at Gaming Evolve?

We wanted to go out to eat, but because of the state of what we are living right now, we settled for ramen and Harry Potter.

Is there anything else you wish to share with GOH's fanbase, players, and staff members? If so, what would you like to say to them?

I want to say this to the champions. I have my eyes set on all 4 of you. Don't let your guard down because I promise you, I will strike fast!

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