Interview with The New Game of Honor Internet Champion, Manny!

Updated: May 19

On October 11th, 2019, Game of Honor Show aired the show’s season finale titled, “Final Stage 3” on their official YouTube,, and Facebook accounts to end off the show’s third season. From the 4-Honor Junior Match debuting Mason King’s younger brother, Judas King to the suspense-driven GOH World Championship match between Princeton and Toxic, there was plenty of content to keep the fans satisfied with this season finale. Out of all the matches, one of the most shocking outcomes occurred in the GOH Internet Championship match between The Brad and Kawaii Britt in Mortal Kombat 11. Out of all the rivalries established on the show, the rivalry between these two players remained more positive than negative. However, during the match they both battled it out with different goals in mind. Although Kawaii Britt had the upper-hand and left The Brad in a “finish him” position, Manny entered the arena with his Pre-Order Bonus briefcase. Thanks to his Pre-Order Bonus, Manny switched spots with Kawaii Britt, defeated The Brad, and became Game of Honor Show’s new Internet Champion.

After Final Stage 3, I reached out to Manny for an interview. I asked him many questions regarding his thoughts about the GOH Internet Championship match, and why he didn’t use his Pre-Order Bonus for the GOH World Championship match. I also asked him questions concerning his current goals, thoughts on GOH’s new junior players, and how he feels about stealing the victory from Kawaii Britt. Click here to watch the episode if you missed it.

Diego: How do you feel about being Game of Honor Show’s new Internet Champion? What was your mother’s reaction when you told her the news? Does Kelly Oxley respect you more now that you’re a Game of Honor Show champion?

Manny: It feels great being the new Game of Honor Internet Champion. I love waking up looking over and seeing my championship on the shelf. I walked into my house and my mom was so happy! She finally, for the first time ever, said she was proud of me. She even let me stay up late! I’ve been trying to contact Kelly Oxley, but she’s not answering her phone. I think she’s busy. I just want to go on a date with her, just one is all I ask.

Did you do any training in preparation for Final Stage 3’s Internet Championship match, or did you already have your mind set on cashing in the Pre-Order Bonus when both players were at their weakest?

I didn’t really train. I was going to cash in on Princeton and Toxic’s match, but the opportunity showed up when The Brad started losing to Kawaii Britt. I knew I had seconds to act fast. My gut feeling told me this is it. This was my moment. This was my destiny.

Do you feel like you missed an opportunity to become the show's new GOH World Champion because you cashed in during the GOH Internet Championship match? Or, are you satisfied with using it on the Internet Championship instead?

Honestly, I feel like I could easily become the world champion. Toxic is not as good as what people think he is. I feel like if you put me against Toxic, I will wipe the floor with him. I'm teasing the idea of becoming an epic which is the term used for any player that hold two championships at the same time. I can see it now, Manny, the Undisputed GOH Internet World Champion. Can you imagine if that happened? I bet Kelly would be so in love with me then!

Do you feel bad that you stole the Internet Championship victory from Kawaii Britt? Why or why not? Do you fear that you’ll lose the Internet Championship next season to The Brad, Kawaii Britt, or a new challenger?

I don’t feel bad. I earned my Pre Order Bonus contract. There is a famous saying by Eric Roth. "Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss." If she’s that good of a player she can climb back up to the top and attempt a chance against The Destroyer. As for The Brad, he’s washed up. I welcome any challenger.

Now that you’re the champion, what type of training will you endure to make sure you can retain this championship in future seasons?

My weaknesses are platformers and battle-royale games. So, I’m going to brush up on my skills with those types of games to make sure I stay on top.

Do you ever plan to challenge Toxic for the GOH World Championship or Kunai and Blackburn for the Co-op Championships?

I might be going for the co-op in the future, but right now, I’d rather focus on singles competition.

What are your thoughts on some of the new GOH juniors on the show like Joey Star and Mason King’s younger brother, Judas King? Who do you feel has the biggest chance to shine on the show from who we know of so far?

Joey Star is a flop. I don’t see a future for him in Game of Honor. But Judas King! That kid came in and instantly made a splash. However, he better not join Corruption because I’ve been waiting patiently to join myself! I'm going to keep my eye on that Gallo Azteca player. He already made a name for himself in the competitive field.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s competitors or fans out there today who underestimated you and thought you’d never win a championship on the show?

I know a lot of you doubted me but look at me now! I am a champion! I pulled the biggest heist in Game of Honor history. Princeton and Toxic had the main event, but all the chatter was about me! So, to my haters I got “one” thing to say, "suck it!" My mom said I can cuss for this, but I'll keep it PG. For my supporters, I want to say thank you! You guys are the best.

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