Nemesis, the terrifying stalker of the Resident Evil, comes to Dead By Daylight!

On May 25th Behaviour Interactive celebrated the fifth anniversary of Dead By Daylight, the asymmetrical survival game that brings together iconic horror figures from both film and video games. After Capcom announced on the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil that they would be collaborating with Dead By Daylight, fans around the world began to speculate on who would be involved. The wait ended last Tuesday when they revealed the iconic characters that will be part of the legendary multiplayer horror saga.

The new killer: The Nemesis

Fans from all over the world reacted live to the arrival of the new killer, and they were in for a surprise. Against all odds, Behaviour opted for Nemesis, the monster most desired by fans of the survival horror saga. Somehow they managed to balance his immense power to fit into the game. Thus, Nemesis joins other infallible killers like Pyramid Head, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, or Michael Myers.

But who is Nemesis?

His first appearance was in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in 1999 for the PSX. In this adventure, Jill Valentine, a STARS special forces soldier and survivor of the events of the first entry in the series, must escape from Racoon City, which was infested by zombies.

Umbrella, the pharmaceutical company that created the virus that caused the infection, cannot allow her to escape and tell the world the truth, so they launch Nemesis, their most powerful biological weapon, to hunt her down. Unlike the zombies, Nemesis has only one goal and it is clear to him, to hunt down all the members of STARS. The being has an advanced intelligence and its body is full of dangerous tentacles, besides, it can track Jill by her body heat at all times. Thus, this monster appears several times during the game, with each encounter being a nightmare for the player.

Nemesis received many updates in different games over the years, but the version Dead By Daylight used is the one from Resident Evil 3: R3make, which was just released in 2020. The powerful killer will be able to chase his prey by infecting them with the virus and using his tentacles, which will become more and more powerful as the game progresses.

The survivors: Jill and Leon.

Undoubtedly another huge success by Behaviour. Jill is the most iconic female character of the entire saga, starring in Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil Remastered, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil R3make, but also appearing in other titles such as Resident Evil 5, REverse, and REsistance, among others. Like her favorite stalker, the model used for Jill will be that of Resident Evil 3: R3make.

The other survivor chosen is Leon, another fan favorite. He starred in several Resident Evil games, including Resident Evil 2 and 4, which are among the most iconic of the series. The design for Leon will be that of Resident Evil 2: REmake, where we will see the young Leon who went through the Raccoon City Police Department in the 2019 remake that put Resident Evil back on the map.

Raccoon City Police Department, the new map

Along with the new characters also comes a new map, the iconic Raccoon City Police Department that both Jill and Leon know well. This map is an exact representation of the one seen in Resident Evil 2: REmake, so experienced players of the saga will feel comfortable exploring it.

In addition, many legendary skins are expected, possibly bringing the original Nemesis, Chris, and Claire Redfield or even the classic costumes of Jill and Leon. The new DLC will be released next June 15, but many content creators have already tested it in the game's PTB.

Who will you use? Will you chase your prey in the boots of the giant monster, or will you survive alongside the classic survivors of the saga? Tell us in the comments!