Interview with the ‘First’ Honor Cup Winner, Princeton!

Updated: May 19

Last Friday, Game of Honor Show aired the ‘first ever’ Honor Cup event on their official YouTube account. The Honor Cup winner received a contract that guaranteed him an opportunity to face the current GOH World Champion [by that time] at Final Stage. The participants in the Honor Cup were Kunai, Manny, and Princeton. The match-ups were intense with Manny and Kunai front-running most of the rounds while Princeton seemed to be on the edge. However, Princeton didn’t back down and ended up claiming the final victory in a steel cage match-up against his competitors Kunai and Manny in the wrestling game, WWE2K19. As of right now, Princeton will be competing against the new GOH World Champion Toxic at Final Stage based on the contract Princeton earned in the Honor Cup.

I recently caught up with Princeton after his victory at last Friday’s huge event and asked him a variety of questions. These questions are regarding his thoughts about winning the honor cup, his training regime for the event, his opinion about Toxic, and his future-plans for the Corruption team. Click here to watch the episode where Princeton claimed victory before reading the interview below.

Diego: How does it feel being the Honor Cup's first victor?

Princeton: I am still a little shocked. It’s not because I won, but it’s the fact that this really happened. Being able to add the Honor Cup to the list of "first to do it" feel[s] amazing.

How did you train for the Honor Cup against Kunai and Manny?

Normally my pride will tell me I don’t need to train, however, both Kunai and Manny are probably the best competitors in Game of Honor. So, for this one time, I did something I never done before. I decided to go back and look at some of my old matches with these two. One of them being our main event match at the ‘first’ Final Stage event. I also watched Kunai vs Mason King and Kunai vs Toxic match-ups and I watched some of Manny’s matches afterwards. I really picked up their weaknesses and worked it to my advantage.

How did you feel during each Honor Cup match and what made you feel that way?

The first couple of rounds were so nerve racking because no matter how much I tried, Kunai and Manny kept winning those rounds. Once I found my groove, I reverted-back to my usual calm state.

Why do you feel you deserve a shot at the GOH World Championship and what makes you feel that way?

The GOH World Championship has haunted me ever since the ‘first’ Final Stage. I feel like I should’ve walked out the champion that day. I was the inaugural Internet Champion and the inaugural Co-op Champion; however, I will never be the inaugural GOH World Champion and that burns deep in my head. But, when I do win it, I will be the first person to hold all 3 championships in Game of Honor, and I’ll then be able to attain the title as the, "Legendary Champion."

What are your thoughts about the new GOH World Champion, Toxic? Do you believe you’ll be able to defeat him at Final Stage?

I’ve been asked a lot about my thoughts on Toxic lately. I honestly don’t have a problem with the guy, but I do hate this "underdog" persona he tries so hard to portray. The first time we met was in a game of Tekken. It was a draw and that did not sit well with me. I barely tried that day which is the funny part. I can only imagine what would’ve happened if I actually-tried that day. So, come Final Stage, I'm not concerned at all. Besides, he still has a rematch with Mason King [to look forward to]. Which could mean the main event [at Final Stage] might end up being "Mason King vs. Princeton."

I understand Mason King’s a good friend of yours. Do you fear that he’ll become jealous and nasty toward you if you win at Final Stage—whether he becomes your opponent or not?

Mason and I have mutual respect. When he became the GOH World Champion, I knew he was the right guy to join Corruption. In Corruption we all have a respect and love for each other that I don’t think the other players share. If Mason is my opponent at Final Stage, well, I promise you we will bring the house down. It could be one of the greatest matches in Game of Honor history.

If you defeat Toxic at Final Stage, will you aim for another title, say, the GOH Co-Op championship belts you and Rose once held, or will those titles feel meaningless to you?

If I’m going to be honest with you, whatever championship I’m holding at any given time is always going to be the most talked about—most wanted championship. After I win at Final Stage, I want to focus on making Rose and Mason the Co-op Champions. Then I want to help Blackburn retrieve the GOH Internet Championship. I would love to see Corruption have all the championships again.

Are there any players/commentators at Game of Honor currently that you’d like to see join the Corruption team? If so, who? If not, why?

I got my eye on a couple of people right now. Tecknow is an honorary Corruption member at this point. Regarding GOH’s current roster, player-wise, I’m really diggin’ Kelly Oxley, and Nathan Teach has a lot to offer too.

Do you have anyone/anything out there in the world today that motivates you in any/all your matches at Game of Honor? What/Who are those/they specifically? If not, then why is that?

To do what we do here in Game of Honor you can’t have role models. You got to be your own example, your own hero. If not, then why are you here, makes sense?

What advice would you give to the other players on the show who haven't won a championship belt at Game of Honor? If not advice, what would you tell them?

Work hard, grind, and show this company why you are worth being at the top. We are in a very competitive field. If you’re trying to shine bright, that means, you must out-shine the person next to you. Don’t be afraid to be different, people hate Corruption, but they hate us because we are successful.

Do you have anything else you wish to share to all of GOH’s competitors or fans out there today? If so, what is that? If not, why?

I want to put the Game of Honor roster on notice. When I become the new GOH World Champion, I’ll welcome any challenger who wishes to take me. I want to prove that I am the best, so I will need to go against—the best. So, this time next year, we will see how things play out.

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