Solar Ash Kingdom (Heart Machine 2021)

Updated: May 24

As you may have been able to guess based on the title, this is the second game in Heart Machine’s history and it has yet to be released. The company had large success with their first title, Hyper Light Drifter which far exceeded all of its original crowdfunding campaign goals. The next game, Solar Ash Kingdom, or today’s focus, was first announced in March of 2019. Even up to that point they announced that the studio had been working on the game since Hyper Light Drifter was first published. Now the two games are not connected in any way, but they still used the same team of developers for each game. This includes the same main designer and even the same music leads.

Solar Ash Kingdom Details

Solar Ash Kingdom is going to be more of a 3D open world than Heart Machine’s first game. It was originally a 2D pixel art style game, but a 3D world simply gives the players more to explore and will hold their attention longer than a 2D game. This also makes the players feel as if they are more a part of the game than when it was previously 2D. This 3D universe also includes a third person view of your character, to further add to the feeling of you being in the game.

What Platforms Will The Game Be On?

For now the consoles that the game will be on are still unknown for sure, but we suspect it will be available on Windows and both PlayStation consoles. Unfortunately it appears that this game will not be available for Xbox players and we are not quite sure as to the reasoning behind this decision. Whether it is simply a technology limitation or a preference from the company, it is not something that Heart Machine has announced yet.

Personal Rating (?/10)

We often like to include a personal rating for all of the games we discuss, but as you may have noticed this game has yet to be released. Since we are unable to play the game up until this point we do not have much evidence to weigh it from, but rather how excited we are for the game based on what we have heard and seen so far. Based on Heart Machine’s previous work and everything we have seen so far, we will give Solar Ash Kingdom a rating of 8/10. We will certainly reevaluate this rating for you later on down the line after we are able to try out the game ourselves.

Pros and Cons


  • 3D World

  • Feel like a Part of the Game

  • Same Developers


  • Unlaunched Game

  • Not Available on Xbox

  • First Time Leaving 2D World

Bottom Line

The bottom line is here that Solar Ash Kingdom will be an exciting game to play based on the information that Heart Machine has released so far.


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