Top 3 Rocket League Tips

Since Rocket League went free-to-play in September of 2020, this wild and fast-paced competitive game has gained even more traction than before. With its unique mixture of racing controls and sports gameplay, Rocket League is quickly becoming one of the most popular multiplayer games around. Although it might look simple at first, there's a ton of depth to Rocket League, from basic movement techniques to advanced game strategies.

The rules are simple – two teams of wickedly fast cars compete in five-minute-long matches of soccer, whichever team has the highest amount of goals at the end wins. That said, mastering Rocket League's tricky mechanics takes hours upon hours of practice. Luckily, we've whipped up a list of three super important tips for Rocket League, guaranteed to help you get a head start on the competition. Whether you're looking to score your first goal or finally break through to the next competitive rank, these are the top three Rocket League tips to rake in the wins.

Top 3 Rocket League Tips for Newbies and Pros

1. Always Warm Up in Free Play

Whether you're a seasoned Rocket League champion or you're just starting your career, Free Play mode is your best friend. You can access this unrestricted practice mode in the Training sub-menu, where you'll also find immensely valuable drills and tutorials. In Free Play mode, you can practice your dribbling, shooting, or whatever else you need to work on.

Whenever I start up a Rocket League session, I always make sure to speed around in Free Play mode before hitting the matchmaking queue. Make no mistake about it, if you want to get really good at Rocket League, you're going to have to learn some advanced techniques. The only consistent and relaxed place you can practice those techniques is in Free Play, so make good use of it.

2. Adjust Your Camera and Controls

If you're taking the plunge into Rocket League for the first time, you should immediately change up your camera settings. The default camera settings are too cramped, with the idle camera floating close to your car's bumper and restricting your view. Widen the camera's view by increasing your field of view setting and increase the distance setting so you can see more of the field. The height, angle, and stiffness settings can be adjusted based on preference, so take time getting a feel for things in Free Play.

As you become more proficient at Rocket League, you might need to swap up your controls. Most advanced players make use of the “air roll left” mechanic, which needs to be mapped to your controller. Changing your controls can feel exceptionally awkward, especially after dozens of hours of play, but sometimes you'll need to do it. If you find yourself reaching a skill-ceiling, consider changing up your controls to open up more advanced movement.

3. Try Different Modes

Lots of Rocket League players have a bad habit of finding a preferred game mode and never leaving it. For many players, competitive 2v2 or 3v3 modes are their bread and butter, rarely spreading out into other game types. This is a huge mistake, as each game mode will help you improve your skills in different areas. This is especially true for the “Extra Modes”, which offer more fast-paced and silly options. Instead of burrowing down in a competitive playlist, play modes that will help you work on your weaknesses.

For example, if you have a tendency to go too fast and miss the ball, play some 1v1s. Here, you won't have a teammate to pick up the slack, teaching you to be more precise and accurate. Are you struggling with aerial movement? Try out Dropshot or Rumble, as both of these modes are more lenient and fast-paced, providing plenty of moments to work on advanced techniques. Team-based modes like 2v2 and 3v3 are tons of fun, but trying out other modes will make you a more well-rounded player. Plus, you might find some game modes easier than others, giving you a higher competitive rank and better seasonal rewards.