Why Anime FighterZ Would Be A Record-Breaking Crossover Fighting Game

While many argue Super Smash Bros. is the best crossover fighting game of all time, others claim an Anime FighterZ would give that franchise competition.

Since its debut on the Nintendo 64, Super Smash Bros. has maintained a worldwide following and generates a massive profit for Nintendo. The series director Masahiro Sakurai and his team devoted time, effort, and love to Super Smash Bros. with each installment. It shows via Super Smash Bros. gameplay, visuals, and character roster.

While Super Smash Bros. pays tribute to past and present gaming icons, other media like anime and manga have been booming in sales and notoriety. Unlike gaming, anime and manga haven't taken a drastic dip into full-fledged crossovers regarding properties from different magazines engaging with one another.

Why Haven’t There Been Crossovers Between Different Anime & Manga?

While having a game with Eren Yeager and Naruto fighting side by side would be a spectacle to see, manga companies haven't worked alongside each other often. Like Marvel and DC, anime and manga companies would feature characters crossing each other's worlds under a particular manga brand than have them meet someone from a different company.

The copyright wall behind certain characters and anime is another issue hurting this dream game’s chances. Many manga companies don't like to play nice with others and charge people a fortune to have their characters set alongside one from their home brand. These aspects not only hurt the chances for fans' dreams of a no-holds-barred crossover anime game, but it makes the likelihood of one happening distant.

Why The FighterZ Formula Is The Best Route For An Anime Crossover Fighting Game?

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If a full-fledged anime crossover fighting game was to happen, the Dragon Ball FighterZ formula would be the best route. While some fans enjoy Jump Force’s arena fighter structure, many prefer traditional fighting games from a competitive standpoint.

Further, Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of few games that captures the heart and soul of the Dragon Ball anime series. Many argue the visuals are on par with Dragon Ball Z's classic animation style regarding fluidity and charm. Not to mention that non-fighting game fans enjoy FighterZ's gameplay mechanics and battle system more than Jump Force.

For example, YouTubers like DracoWolf created Dragon Ball FighterZ mod YouTube showcases to demonstrate how other franchises (like Naruto) can benefit from FighterZ's structure. A new 4Chan rumor shared by Twitter user Atsu sparked much debate from fans on Twitter regarding the possible reveal for a My Hero Academia fighting game developed by the FighterZ team at Arc System Works.

While the rumored game hasn't been revealed, the fan uproar highlights the worldwide demand for more anime fighting games done in the FighterZ formula. That's why to kill two birds with one stone; it'd benefit Arc System Works to create a full-fledged crossover anime fighting game to appeal to all anime fandom.

Anime FighterZ’s Advantages Over Super Smash Bros. & What It Can Learn from It

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Like Super Smash Bros., Anime FighterZ should celebrate anime and manga's history. While including iconic anime and manga characters from Astro Boy to today's Izuku Midoriya would be an excellent way of going about it, it'd have to stick to a tight formula that's not eerily similar to other crossover titles like Super Smash Bros.

The FighterZ formula is perfect in this regard because the gameplay not only would help set it apart from games like Super Smash Bros., but the scenery, visual fidelity, and character interaction possibilities are endless. While limited like Super Smash Bros., Anime FighterZ could have character inclusion advantages over that game as long as companies are willing to work together.

Imagine having a scene where Goku's training off to fight the big-bad in his world and needs the help of someone like Conan Edogawa to help solve a murder case of some kind. The thought of these two characters meeting each other seems strange and awkward. These are two feelings Super Smash Bros. fans continue exhibiting whenever they see Minecraft Steve fighting Final Fantasy's Sephiroth in Luigi's Mansion.

The Four Keys To A Successful Franchise

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In retrospect, there are four aspects Anime FighterZ needs to check off to become a successful crossover fighting game like Super Smash Bros. They should include iconic anime and manga characters from different franchises and craft a unique and compelling storyline for why they're crossing over.

Next, the enemies they face should come from their respective series while introducing Anime FighterZ original enemies requiring all their different abilities to defeat. Generating much content and buzz surrounding the game would be the best bet into making it a proper Super Smash Bros. competitor.

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